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(I want to encourage you to read PART I of this article: Click here. It covers the foundation and will bring greater understanding to what is written below.)

God wants to PROVE His Word.

The Hebrew meaning of the Word prove is to “test, try or tempt.” In my time with the Lord, I heard the phrase “test by fire” and the word “authenticate.” The process of “proving something” or “authenticating” a thing is one in which something is taken through “tests” to validate whether it is genuine or fake.

I am reminded of how the Lord “PROVES" us, and how He proved Job to his wife and peers; and especially to Satan. I am reminded constantly about how Father says He does things for His name’s sake. In other words, no man or created being CAN EVER call God a liar.

Numbers 23:19 CJB, “God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?”


As prophetic scribes (and especially those who are called out Scribal Apostles & Scribal Prophets), we must understand the WEIGHT (GLORY) OF THE WORD that God commands us to record. Whether those Words are for one soul or one-million that Word will be PROVED.


There are many things the Lord is speaking to His people. Those who are commanded to record what they hear are being entrusted not only with a prophetic and a scribal ministry; but an assignment of PROVING God to be true. They are also speaking into their ability to HEAR GOD and accurately convey His heart. This is serious because anytime we say, "GOD SAID," and he didn't --- we release lies.

  • When you “DATE & TIME” the Word that is given to you, you are establishing and planting that Word in HEAVEN AND EARTH. Every messianic and biblical prophecy has key indicators of the time in which they were recorded and the expected time in what that Word will come to pass. The Lord is yet doing the same thing today.
  • You are also declaring that when these Words that have been spoken by Father and recorded through you:
    • That the hearers WILL KNOW that it was God who did INDEED SPEAK;
    • That the hearers WILL STAND as witnesses to what was written;
    • That the hearers WILL STAND as witnesses to the actions of God being carried out;
    • That the hearers WILL KNOW that it was God who fulfilled the Word;
    • That the hearers WILL KNOW that it was God who spoke through that prophetic vessel;
    • That the hearers WILL BELIEVE GOD; and
    • That the hearers WILL STAND in awe of him.

Your consistency as a scribe in dating and timing what is released to you will either: (1) Prove you hear the Lord; or (2) Prove that you don't. It will also assist you in establishing time frames between when the Word was released and when it was fulfilled. Depending on the Word that was released, this could have unbelievable significance in years to come -- especially generationally.

When I was about six years old, a woman came up to my mother and said this about me: “That child is going to have great impact in the Kingdom of God. God surely has his hand on her.”

I will never forget that Word because my mother (and many of you know what I mean), made sure that I never forgot it. For those who know me and know how I lived for the first 28 years of my life, you would have NEVER THOUGHT that I would one day serve God. I looked like EVERYTHING BUT that prophetic Word. But, here I am – sold out and wide open to Christ's moving.

That promise was RECORDED 34 years ago (when I was SIX). I am the fulfillment of that specific WORD being true; and can say that whoever that woman was -- heard from God. You see, to someone outside of my family this is a SMALL word meant for a person whom they may never know. But in the Kingdom of Heaven, it was a word of destiny that spoke to a young girls FUTURE. It has (and continues to have) generational impact or LEGACY in my life. I often read that word in my mother's letters to me, and see THE HOPE OF GLORY -- Jesus Christ.

I have family members who have looked me in the eye and said: “There must be a God for real! If He saved you (and they've seen the fruit), He can save ANYBODY.” (This testimony of God’s Word in my life, as simple as it is, is in my personal journals – recorded for my children and my children’s children. The promises God has spoken to me for THEM are in these journals as well.)

I really want you to catch this by Father's spirit.

There are things God will show you and say, “WRITE IT DOWN! MARK THE TIME! PRAY OVER IT!” You don’t know why you’re doing it --- but you follow his instructions anyway. Later, He may say to you: “GIVE IT TO YOUR PASTOR! SHARE IT WITH YOUR CHURCH! PUBLISH IT HERE!” And then, you do it.

Then one day, you turn on the evening news only to discover that EVERYTHING YOU RECORDED is taking place or unfolding in some third world country or RIGHT HERE in the United States. You discover that "what Father showed you" is unfolding RIGHT HERE in the midst of your family and closest friends. Then you realize that not only did the Lord show you; but He had you release it to others.


People of God, the Lord wants:

  • His people to know a true prophet is among them;
  • His people to know that HE STILL SPEAKS;
  • His people to know that HE IS GOD;
  • His people to know that HE WARNS THEM of pending danger;
  • His people to know His moving and direction;
  • His people protected;
  • His INTERCESSORS to rise up and pray;
  • His people to recognize the times and seasons;
  • To INCREASE our belief;
  • To INCREASE our faith;
  • To INCREASE our hope;
  • To INCREASE our joy;

There are too many people running around saying, GOD TOLD ME THAT LAST WEEK OR LAST YEAR … but they have NO PROOF OR EVIDENCE due to a lack of obedience. There are too many people running around wanting to be respected in their OFFICES as PROPHETS AND SCRIBES – but they will not allow the Lord to establish them the way He commands.


You see, people don’t like writing things down and signing their names to it BECAUSE they know they will be held accountable for that Word. IN THE BIBLE, the prophets were IDENTIFIED MOST OF THE TIME with the WORD THEY RELEASED! Their consistent speaking with THE CONFIDENCE & BOLDNESS that they heard God’s voice established them AS TRUE PROPHETS COMING IN THE NAME OF ADONAI! It caused the Lord to RISE ON THEIR BEHALF and PROVE HIS WORD THROUGH THEM.


It also caused them to BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their words. NO MORE HIDING OUT! If he said it, STAND BEHIND IT. In the end, it will be PROVED whether those were GOD'S WORDS OR YOURS.


Read this passage of scripture again: Deuteronomy 18:21-22 CJB says, “21 You may be wondering, 'How are we to know if a word has not been spoken by ADONAI?' 22 When a prophet speaks in the name of ADONAI, and the prediction does not come true -that is, the word is not fulfilled -then ADONAI did not speak that word. The prophet who said it spoke presumptuously; you have nothing to fear from him.”


People of God, the last part of this prophecy speaks to how we are to weigh the words of false prophets; but it also indicates that we should fear the HAND OF GOD that are on those prophets whose words come to pass. WHY? It’s not about that prophet, but the authority of the Lord coming through the OFFICE.

When you are scribing from your five-fold office, I pray that YOU NEVER minimize what is in your hands again. APOSTLES & PROPHETS, there is a scribal weight upon those walking under The Scribal Anointing that only God can give you clarity concerning – but don’t take that mantle lightly. To discard the little is to throw away the greater that’s coming.

It is my prayer that this article, though not fully complete, has shed light on scribing DATE & TIME. There is no way to fully cover this in a blog. May the peace and blessings of the Lord, and AN INCREASE of the Matthew 13:52 Scribal Anointing overtake you in this season.

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