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In “The School of the Scribe” we teach that scribal prophets are fully functioning prophets as we understand them in the midst of our faith in Christ. What makes them different is that they administrate their calling “scribally.”

I believe it is necessary to provide some insight on what this might look like. In the list below, I’ve outlined some common operations of the prophet that most apostolic-prophetic people will find agreement concerning.  This very short list is more in-depth than this, but it should provide you with a contrast between a prophet who is NOT a scribe; and a prophet who IS a scribe. I want you to see into their actions as much as you see the calling.

Finally, I hope that this list will bring freedom to prophets who may believe they do not fit within the confines of the environments they find themselves walking in at this time. My prayer is that those prophets find their scribal company, and come to understand that they are completely NORMAL. Well, maybe as normal as a prophet can be! Scribal prophets not only need interactions with other prophets; but they desperately need interactions with other prophetic scribes and scribal prophets.

The Scribal Prophet:

  • Is a spokesperson for God. Their directives, however, follow a pattern of seeing or hearing, recording or writing, and then release writing, demonstration or oratory response. In mainstream ministry circles, we are accustomed to prophets seeing, hearing and releasing – and then asking someone to stand by and write or record it. True scribal prophets are their OWN scribe first… and they prefer it that way whether releasing corporate or personal prophecy; or walking in the demonstrative word.
  • Is immersed in prayer and often stands as a watchman or guard. Their prayer lives and worship lifestyles keep them connected intimately to the heart and mind of God. It is their lifeline. However, a scribal prophet prays by WRITING! The very act of writing can be worship, intercession and prayer unto God. While people cannot understand this, God does. After all, he orchestrated the entire Bible to be received by us in this same exact manner – even revelation pours into us as it stretches through our hearing and eye gates. It’s funny how we “get this” when it relates to the word, but we can’t perceive it when it comes to our own pens. When a scribal prophet writes, they are creating and stirring atmospheres, opening realms and releasing life. They are also urged or unctioned to record their prayers, declarations, decrees, and any and everything associated with their prayer life. Whereas, a non-scribal prophet is vocal and expressive without that command to write. The scribal prophets stand as a watchman and a guard is significantly tied to gathering and recording volumes in a scribal capacity.
  • Provides encouragement, direction (especially concerning Christ’s present movement in people, the local congregation and the nations), guidance, correction, admonition, proclaiming judgment, warning of danger, discerning times and seasons, etc. They are, however, compelled to do so through instructive or administrative means by way of letter writing, blogs, books, video messages, poems, movie scripts and in some rare cases entire productions dealing with very specific messages. Again, there will ALWAYS be a desire to document, produce, archive and disseminate in a different way than the mainstream prophet. The urgency to document will supersede any desire to speak as a first response.
  • Grows in community. Just as prophets flourish in prophetic communities with other seasoned prophets, so does the scribal prophet. However, scribal prophets can be hindered in their growth or limited in their development outside of healthy “apostolic-prophetic scribal companies.” If you are experiencing an awakening from reading this article, imagine what it would be like if you were surrounded by a community of people speaking your language! Scribes NEED scribal environments!

Well, these are all the points that I am going to share in this article. Prayerfully, you can see the difference in how a scribal prophet might respond verses a prophet who is not scribal. While this article is indeed meant to be affirming, it is necessary that scribal prophets be well-rounded in their ministries - meaning able to move in their callings in and outside of their scribal functions. Christ is always flexible with His people. There is no "single" way to do a thing... not even in the midst of the administration of our gifting. Be open to all that God has for you...!

Build your scribal arsenal! Learn all about who you are!


#1 Aniyah 2017-04-22 14:34
Thank you! Now I know who I am! I thought I had a problem because I was praying by writing, while the others were praying audibly ... God bless you. I'm gabonese woman living in Senegal and in Africa we don't know this kind of prophet so I was very confused.

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