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These functions were given to prophetic scribes by GOD to oversee critical aspects of the Kingdom. They have been with us since BEFORE the government of the congregation was established. We can see them clearly as we study out certain patterns through the scriptures and see them duplicated in the earth today.

1. He (meaning God) raises up prophetic scribes to protect the work of "critical, forerunning" apostolic voices within a generation (be it digital or print) whose work has global influence and impact.

2. He raises up prophetic scribes to build archival systems to protect critical dispensational truths in the Kingdom within every generation.

3. He raises up prophetic scribes to continuously develop and/or employ current methods of preservation (from a technological perspective) to ensure the physical preservation of certain historical finds that prove and expound upon the reality of Christ.

4. He raises up prophetic scribes with academic minds (critical thinkers, analytical thinkers, philosophical and historical thinkers) who recognize, document and translate critical scribal activities, historical evidence and spiritual realities that non-academic minds might miss. (It is because of them that we have such meticulous bible outlines, timelines, life lines, geneaologies, etc. to complement our biblical texts.)

5. He raises up prophetic scribes to verify and/or authenticate the relevance of critical KINGDOM documentation in the earth, ensuring that as much of the history and supernatural phenomena in the Kingdom can be authenticated in its authorship and differentiated from forgeries. (They work in a similar manner as Luke in the New Covenant and Huldah in the Covenant.)

5. He raises up the voice of the prophetic scribe for the "purpose of promoting REMEMBRANCE" as it relates to the heart of God among generations - ensuring that despite false voices, authenticity of the scripture is preserved.

6. He places a fanatical zeal in the hearts of some prophetic scribes to dedicate their lives to preserving the records of certain forerunners (whether living or dead)... as their life's work, like that of Solomon, is needed for certain appointed times in the Kingdom.

7. He raises up recorders on behalf of forerunners (whether living or dead) to transcribe, dictate, record or otherwise ascribe, prescribe, describe, conscribe, , conscribe, proscribe,inscribe, scribe or subscribe those messages that convey the intent of His Word.

8. He raises up prophetic scribes to dig, research and excavate accurate doctrine and proper interpretation for the sole purpose of combatting lies and purporting heresies within the faith. It is NOT unusual for certain scribes (tempered in a love for God and the compassion of Christ) to root out and identify present day judaizers and false apostles for the purpose of protecting the integrity of God's Word AND His people.

9. He raises up prophetic scribes to accurately document the WORK of Holy Spirit in the earth, specifically as it relates to apostolic ministry.

10. He raises up prophetic scribes in the earth to honor the forerunners in specific generations - chronicling their lives, ministries and documenting their impact in the Kingdom and in the earth... just as he has done since the time of Moses, Christ and Paul.

Evidence of these functions can be seen in:
a) Biblical preservations effort (concern for accurate translation of canonized scriptures in light of languages)
b) Historical preservation efforts that PROVE the authenticidy of scripture (archaeology, dead sea scrolls, geneaology, chronological history, etc.)
c) Extreme interest in authentic, accurate biographical data on and teachings from the life, work and ministry of philosphers and forerunners like E.M. Bounds, Wigglesworth, etc.similar to the keeping of the records of the kings, prophets, etc. in scripture) #scribesoverthiscity #propheticscribe#thescribalanointing #scribalministry #scribaladvance #scribesadvance

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