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When the mind gets in the way of the moving of the Spirit, the prophetic writer looses a lot of "supernatural traction" - meaning the ability to pull from and dig into the spirit with EASE. Outside of this "invitation to enter in"... accessing information and revelation is more random and it might come in trickles. It may also seem tougher or more difficult to access the atmosphere again. (Some people see this as warfare, but many times we have just missed the perfect timing of God and the cloud has lifted.) To maximize the moment, an immediate... focused response is necessary. The Lord will take care of the rest if we jump in.

In the THICK of Holy Spirit's unction, the writer will not only receive FROM GOD... but will be TAUGHT OF GOD in the midst of the exchange. (I equate this with the atmosphere set by prayer. Sometimes as we pray, GOD begins to instruct us. IT IS NO DIFFERENT for the scribal realm!!!!) Most SERIOUS prophetic writers will begin with one line of thought... and within a matter of time they will be thrust into an OVERWHELMING STREAM OF REVELATION.... AND FRESH STREAMS OF INSIGHT for them personally as well as for their projects. This, however, would never have happened outside of answering the call to the supernatural scribal chamber IN THAT MOMENT.

Holy Spirit is both forceful and gentle -- all at the same time. When we surrender to the unction, the force of the Spirit overtakes us... and leads us into greater intimacy. While we are receiving those WORDS, we are also receiving "understanding" concerning how Holy Spirit deals with us on a personal level. We get clarity concerning how WE plugin to the deep things of God... and we learn HOW TO MEET GOD ON HIS TERMS, not necessarily on our schedule. Let me tell you, following that inward prophetic time-clock to enter in... is way better than the one we set for ourselves.

When we write under the unction of the Spirit, especially prayers, songs, exhortation and prophecy... we speak into the MOMENT. We pray, exhort, sing, prophesy into that time... just as a we do when a person is led to pray or release the song of the Lord audibly. THOSE MOMENTS are not just about writing and recording, but engaging with very present needs in the SPIRIT REALM. In many instances, we are even writing into our own cries for healing and breakthrough unaware.

Prophetic writers! We are doing more IN THAT MOMENT IN TIME than we realize. I have so much more to share... but I pray this blesses you. Copyright 2017 Theresa Harvard Johnson

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