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I believe there are four critical things that hinder the advancement of SERIOUS prophetic writers and scribes. (This list is for those scribes who have strong relationships with the Lord like prayer, studying the word, etc. but face blocks in their lives as prophetic writers and/or prophetic scribes). I believe these hindrances include:

1. A LACK OF CONSISTENCY. Specifically, I am speaking of being consistent with the directives God has released to produce scribal projects, activities, etc. As a result, no momentum is built in the spirit realm to propel that scribe or his or her project forward. Instead, there is a constant start/stop... which resets their efforts and pull them back into stages of infancy and stagnation. Faithfulness to these tasks WILL release a number of hindrances.

2. FAILURE TO PRACTICE. The scribal gift (whatever it may be) should be exercised as part of ones regular spiritual discipline. This does not mean you have to do something every day, but there should be consistent scribal activity in the life of a called scribe. This includes scribal activities that Holy Spirit urges you to do as well as those things you DESIRE to do. Both are good. Whether it is journaling, taking notes, attending an open mic poetry event, journaling, etc. Gifts must be activated and stirred as often as possible. We should desire to be more than a "scribe" at heart, but in actuality. For example, if you have a blog... then that blog should not go three months without a new post if Holy Spirit has indeed directed you to write one. Remember, there is ALWAYS time to do what God has commanded. Choose to practice consistently and watch yourself grow leaps and bounds in that area!

3. INABILITY TO CONNECT TO YOUR SCRIBAL CLAN/TRIBE/FAMILY. There will come a season in which serious scribes need to be exhorted and strengthened in community. In addition, there's a supernatural impartation that takes place in this connectedness in which everyone contributes. One of the greatest hindrances to progress in scribal ministry is ISOLATION from the prophetic atmosphere that is needed to stretch, grow, align, correct, expand or otherwise strengthen the scribal process. Prophetic people DRAW AND GAIN LIFE from the richness of prophetic community. In addition, this is a way to tap into new streams of information related to scribal ministry. Transformation often happens when you are within your "group." Community (the right community) has a way of empowering, encouraging and igniting you in your calling! It can also be a place of safety and sharing where you are understood and accepted. Ask the Lord to lead you to the right prophetically rich environment!

4. HAVING TOO MANY PROJECTS AT WORK AT ONCE. I heard someone say once that that they had an anointing to do more than one thing at a time. The problem with this was, however, that no projects were coming to completion. The anointing, when it is really activated in the midst of anything, brings that situation to a God conclusion and launch. There is a need for "prophet scribes" to supernaturally prioritize so that things are completed with excellence and positioned for impact. The answer to this one is obvious: Pick a project, set a timeline if possible and complete it. Then move on to the next one.

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