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In The School of the Scribe we have a dictionary that governs the terms we have coined over the years in our programs for scribal ministry. In this article, I am sharing five of the most used terms to bring clarity to what "scribal ministry" really is in this dispensation of the church. They are also explained in great detail in The Scribal Anointing book series (left). I am working on an official dictionary to launch in the near future. I believe every scribe walking in the prophetic could benefit from these definitions. (Side note: If you are a serious prophetic scribe, here's a huge library of resources to expand your understanding of scribal ministry! Enlarge your scribal arsenal.)

Scribal Ministry: Refers to any believer operating in the MINISTRY (serving others/God) of the scribe in any of its forms - administrative, creative or instructional.

Scribe: Refers to any function of the scribal office whether secular or sacred.

Prophetic Scribe: Refers to any function of the scribe office operating under Holy Spirit's guidance known as "The Scribal Anointing."

Prophetic Writing: One of the functions of the prophetic scribal office in which a person is writing specifically for comprehension to convey a specific message. It may also refer to the gift of prophetic writing which some people may receive from time to time, but it does not necessarily indicate that a person is a scribe. Writing is only ONE of multiple functions of a prophetic scribe.

Prophetic Recorder: One of the functions of the prophetic scribal office in which a person records what they hear, see or experience directly from the Spirit as it is. Could be a list, a prophecy or any other type of recording. Comprehension is not necessarily the priority. Very different from being a "writer."

The Scribal Anointing: The specific anointing of a prophetic scribe who is INSTRUCTED in the Kingdom of God.

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