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For the full understanding of this article, please read:  “The Scribal Incubation Period.”

Every prophetic scribe has seasons of incubation. These seasons can be very casual and relaxing or they can be extremely intense. You need to know that it matters how you navigate them.

I will give you two examples from my personal scribal journey.

Example #1: In my early scribal journey, the Lord would wake me up at all times of night to write. While I did not really understand what was happening to me, I was obedient to answer. I would be drawn to a particular place in my home and would spend hours intensely recording whatever he poured through me. Often, this was powerful poetry, spoken word and prayers. I was recording so much that I didn’t have time to really think about it. Those times could last for one night or a series of days! Then, as quickly as it started it would end. Again, I must use the word intense because that is exactly what that experience was like.

Example #2: In my mature place as a prophetic scribe today, I do not experience that level of intensity anymore. It became so much a part of my scribal journey that even when those times come now, I enter ready, relaxed and sure of my assignment. In addition, I now experience a greater drawing at varying times of the day or differentiating seasons to literally sit and listen for what Father will say. It’s like a knowing in my spirit that I need to literally “come away with Him” as described in the Song of Solomon – and it is very relaxing.

Instead of just standing by, waiting for Holy Spirit to overwhelm us in this way – there are some steps of preparation that every scribe can take to maximize their time with the Lord.

·         Prepare your heart to receive from the Lord. Read Psalm 139:23-24 , John 1:9 , John 4:21-24 , Psalm 100:4 & 1 John 1:5-10 . The preparation of the heart will ensure that you are able to receive all that God has for you during these times – rather you believe you are receiving insight for someone else or for yourself. If you are one whom God awakens in the night, then in your prayer time prepare your heart before going to bed. If you are one whom God randomly beckons to come at random intervals – begin your day with heart preparation.

·         Prepare to move immediately! Read Luke 8:5-15 , John 15:14 & 1 Samuel 3:19 . A mature prophetic scribe recognizes that God never speaks casually and that every word that proceeds out of His mouth is precious. As a result, that scribe will not wait to respond. This particular step is critical in your development. Laziness and slothfulness will sabotage your scribal journey and limit your scribal advancement.

·         Prepare to act when He calls. Be sure to keep your scribal equipment with you at all times – digital recorders, notebooks, pens, etc. In my home, I have notebooks, pens and digital recorders in every room of the house that I frequent. I am especially attentive to keeping proper scribal equipment next to my bed at night or during periods of rest. In addition, you must also plan for your mobility. For example, I keep a pen and notebook in my purse and I have the recorder on my iPhone set for easy access. Don’t allow unnecessary distractions to snatch you away from his presence in those divine moments in time. These are UNNECESSARY distractions.

Employing these three points of preparation in my life enabled me to be an “expert scribe” – meaning extremely knowledgeable in the area God has given me authority over. Guess what? If you allow him, he will develop your area of authority as well... in the midst of your fierce obedience.

Psalm 45:2 CJB says, “My heart is stirred by a noble theme; I address my verses to the king; My tongue is the pen of an expert scribe.”

These steps are also critical in assisting you with building a strong, scribal track record with God. If you obey him in the little things, he will indeed trust you with more. As a result, it is critical that you ENTER your scribal incubation period prepared – not simply blowing in the wind. 

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#1 Sherri Neal 2017-12-02 10:45
Thank you for that Word of comfort and confirmation.

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