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People of God,

The ministry of the scribe is a core, governmental function in the global church that touches absolutely every area of its structure. Unfortunately, it is barely recognized as a viable ministry. Because of a lack of understanding, ignorant ideals and the tendency to cling to old concepts and extensive misconceptions, it has been limited to the function of writing – especially in the Western world. The people of God seem to have forgotten that it was scribes who fortified the tent pegs in the first organized congregation. They were the first, in collaboration with chief priests and elders, to build an administrative prototype of sorts on which the congregation still draws from today.

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While the advancement of the church may be difficult to see in the United States, their has been some progression if we look closely enough. Often what is most visible (on television, radio, social networking sites, etc.)... are poor depictions of what the Spirit is really doing in the midst of the congregation. Those activities, though real, are distractions and insight into how the systems of this world seek to keep many believers bound in Babylon. But guess what, there are fires ignited by God across this nation... and a remnant that is growing in power, remaining strong and standing true to their faith. All is not lost.. and God is eternally on the throne. There is also a steady move (maybe not as apparent or visible with the natural eye) toward personal and corporate revival.

I believe our Father is moving in ways that are "not so visible" and through intimate communities in this hour. The congregation has witnessed some very public revivals. But guess what, there are private revivals going on as well. We have seen the congregation advance through the spread of missions (to the United States), the defining and redefining of evangelism (in the 21st Century), numerous pastoral ministry shifts (focus returning to congregations, not the idol worship of one pastor), the advancement of prophetic ministry overall and apostolic reformation. And as apostolic reformation continues, the ministry of the teacher has been revived, amplified… ensuring that the people of God can receive knowledge, understanding and wisdom. When we "really" realize that God is in control, we will come to know that every place of stagnation and chaos ALWAYS teeters on the edge of awakening and reformation.

Right now, the congregation is supernaturally being restructured.

Here, in the United States it is transforming so rapidly that a decade from now the methods, order of service and overall presentation of the congregation will be intrinsically different. Back in 2002, the Lord began giving me a series of dreams surrounding the changing congregation. I shared it with my leaders at the time, but it was not received. I was told by one that "the church is not changing." Oh, how wrong the leader was.... and it is so obvious today, just 14 years later. The change, however, is not man made, but God directed. We are not talking about doing ministry the way men want to do it; but rather, under the weight and transforming power of God. The remnant STILL holds the responsibility that it has always held: To uphold the integrity of God’s Word and His vision of reconciliation uncompromisingly. But it also marks the radical revival of a long forgotten, often overlooked gifting and calling – that of the ministry of the prophetic scribe. I really believe we are "in our time" for a lack of a better description.

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The idea of a prophetic scribe having such intrinsic impact in heaven and earth is probably unfathomable for the congregation, especially those who may not have a heart for what the Lord is doing in the 21st Century. But the prophetic scribe is a part of a much larger, worldview -- one that is rooted in “scribal ministry” – and walks out all the untapped functions of scribes in antiquity but under a present day, New Covenant anointing and understanding. The bottom line is this: Scribal ministry is a part of the apostolic government of the Kingdom and it runs through every single area of order and protocol relevant to restructuring, revival and reformation. The reason why so many are not able to see it... is because there is very little understanding about the "prophetic scribe's role in congregational government." When we examine our spiritual history, you will ALWAYS see scribal ministry at a governmental level in the background... supporting the work of the ministry. We are not only woven into the fabric, but are also the "finishing stitch." The ministry of the scribe is attached to every administrative, instructional and creative initiative in the Body today. The difference lies here: The prophetic scribes that God is calling forth today are remnant revivalists of the "21st Century" who are “instructed in the Kingdom of Heaven” according to Matthew 13:52  who carry the heart of the six identified in Ezekiel 9 . We, people of God, are here to:

  • Awaken the Matthew 13:52 anointing among the remnant
  • Remind them of their identity in Christ, Yeshua the Messiah.
  • Challenge the called scribe to see beyond what they have known, experienced, understood.
  • Train, equip and prepare scribes for their present day calling.
  • Remove the limits on their calling, purpose and set them free.
  • Expand the understanding of scribal roles in the congregation. WE. ARE. NOT. JUST. WRITERS.
    There is more to the scribal life than book publishing.
  • Undergird the Matthew 28:18-20 vision of reconciliation.
  • Build the congregation of the Lord by revelation, not religion.
  • Lend our support service to the deliverers, pioneers and trailblazers of this dispensation.
  • We are here as catalysts in the restructuring of the congregation.

For those who hate this message, please know that EVERY GIFT that is widely recognized and accepted in the midst of our faith has been REVIVED and RESTORED. Even the woman, who has had such an intense struggle breaking forth, has risen in ministry and congregations in the United States. YET, scribal ministry is largely still rejected and misunderstood among the congregation today – by choice. People choose to reject the "fullness" of scribal ministry; and strangely, the greatest opposition comes from the scribes themselves. BUT THIS IS THE SEASON FOR AWAKENING. We, people of God, are so much more than we could ever realize or imagine in the midst of this calling. We cannot limit ourselves any longer. Please review the articles highlighted in this message. The prophetic scribe IS SO MULTIFACETED. We are the missing link to so many moves of the Spirit right now. Not only by way of revelation, but by PROPER ALIGNMENT. Right now, we are aligned improperly. Clarity will come when the truth is made known about who we are in the Spirit realm.

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Yes, I know we have grasped your identity in Christ. Now it is time to take hold of our mastery. It is time to be active participants in the restoration of Scribal Ministry in the earth. The ministry of the scribe is NOT a threat to anyone - not the righteous ministry of Matthew 13:52 . And no, I am not saying the scribe is "all that." I am saying that we are a critical link. And this message is a cry for unity in the midst of Father's government in this hour, a cry for knowledge and understanding. Truly, we are in a new day… and all we need to do is CHOOSE to see it and embrace it. We should care about the ministry of the prophetic scribe.

Listen, just 10 years ago... very few people were prophesying about the prophetic scribe. Now, this ministry is on the lips of many solid prophetic people. Why? It is about much more than writing. There is a powerful move of God making its way through scribal ministry - in the fullness of that understanding. Let's learn so that we can be a tangible, informed part of the awakening.

Isaiah 43:19 ESV, Behold, I am doing a new thing. NOW it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

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His Master Scribe,
Theresa Harvard Johnson
Awakening the 21st Century Scribe in the 21st Century Congregation

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