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Help with perfecting your writing techniques and advice

Services you can use to collect money from your website or blog.

Excellent resources for managing your professional projects

Tools to help you move forward in Journalism

A list of quality, free software applications available on the web.

Software to help you create video tutorials on your computer or laptop -- completely free.

Resources on book and product marketing and promotions

These sites will help you with the selection of literary agents

This list is compiled of several dictionaries, thesaurases and encyclopedias to assist you in your projects

Excellent online sites to expand your understanding of the Word and the ministry of the scribe

Items listed here might say "artist" but please review each link. Most of the "artist attorney and advice links" also address issues for authors, writers AND artists -- including photography.

Dangers for Writers

A list of bible study tools used to study scribal ministry in greater detail.

Find out where to obtain states, latest news, info relevant to writers. Some resources involve subscriptions and journal purchases.

Online calculators for almost ANYTHING. You've got to check out the resources to understand.

Find an illustrator for your project.

Tools for book reviews

Excellent deals on computers, video cameras, digital cameras and more. Reputable sites and good products.

This is real. Post your questions or engage in a chat. A community of professionals are here to help you when YOU NEED HELP and are on a tight budget. As with all volunteer services, be prayerful in your request for assistance.

The links in this category allow you to upload your Ebooks, Music or Audio Teachings for the purpose of setting up an online store. From there, you can set your prices and allow your customers to pay and then download your files. In addition, these services can be integrated into your existing website OR you can simply set up a store on their site depending on what is offered. This is an awesome solution for the non-technical author, writer and speaker.

Excellent resources for students and teachers setting up online learning environments. I have personally used all of these tools in my quest to develop an online environment. For various reasons, I ultimately decided to use a forum based school built into Joomla, and to use free quiz/grading programs online. These options are also listed here. I am one that likes to keep things SIMPLE. I'm not really into the complicated and my time is limited. Choosing the best tool is really one that will require you to consider: (1) Your level of interest in building a school; (2) Your available time; (3) Your level of financial investment; (4) What exactly do you want to beable to do in that school and (4) Your level of knowledge concerning web based programs. Blessings to you on this journey! I hopethe resources here really help you. -- Theresa Johnson

Informtion on preparing, conducting and guiding the interview process

Resources to develop and/or increase your presence on the web.

For those struggling to grasp hold of query letter writing, check out these sites and samples.

Info to increase the writer's understanding of plagarism.

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