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Understanding the ministry of the prophetic scribe is a "game-changer" for the apostolic-prophetic community. It opens us a well of comprehension and resources that act like glue among the Body, bringing some critical foundation into focus. As we embrace this season, I want to identify 10 areas that I believe "the office of the scribe" is being used to open up in the earth today. Prophetic ministry is powerful, and it is the season of the scribe to have IMPACT as eyes are opened to this fresh anointing.

1. PROPHETIC scribal ministry is restoring the value of scribal work, scribal heritage, scribal impact and scribal ministry to the congregation. It is reversing the negative "system of thinking" that has surrounded scribes for generations, and revealing God's glory and intent.

2. PROPHETIC scribal ministry has renewed purpose in those who have felt overlooked in their gifting and calling in the earth.

3. PROPHETIC scribal ministry has caused believers to not be ashamed of "being educated" or knowledgable in their scholarly pursuits or metrons.

4. PROPHETIC scribal minisry is revealing the value of "academic study combined with revelatory insight" in the Body of Christ. Specifically, it is bringing tremendous reconciliation in science, medicine, technology, entertainment, finance, education, etc. These areas are increasing in revelation as well as practical application in areas of the congregation traditionally closed to their revelance.

5. PROPHETIC scribal ministry is activating a resurgence in documentation, preservation, record keeping, archiving, data collecting, research, etc. in areas and communities where it has been forgotten, ignored or undervalued. A love for history, especially as it relates to lineage and legacy, is being restored.

6. PROPHETIC scribal ministry (particularly the office of the scribe) is a central catalyst for expanding previous understanding of apostolic and prophetic ministry. It is revealing itself as a "prophetic force and discipline" long hidden, overlooked in the body. It is being added to "prophetic teachings" to enhance perspectives and vision.

7. PROPHETIC scribal ministry is revealing itself as an intricate part of Ephesians 4:11 ministry as the Lord redefines and expands on the "gift of the teacher." While the order of the scribe was destroyed, the mandate of the scribal office remains full and functioning in this call. Its connection to this area of ministry (which has been overwhelmingly missed) is being unveiled.

8. PROPHETIC scribal ministry is restoring honor and respect for the people who have been and are awakening to the scribal call. It has given greater purpose to them, especially those in the creative arenas who have experienced limited religious understanding in this area.

9. PROPHETIC scribal ministry is growing in recognition and affirmation as one of the most important catalysts to natural and supernatural lineage and legacy.

10. PROPHETIC scribal ministry is returning the heart of local congregations to the biblical principle and significance of "EDUCATION" through academic and spiritually-based schools. Congregations are experiencing a resurgence in bringing education back to the congregational environment.


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