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Writing prompts are essential to releasing the "scribal life and culture" of the prophetic scribe.

Writing prompts activate the prophetic on the inside of you for the work of scribal ministry - whether creative, administrative or instructional in nature. They serve as gates toward greater and should be practiced by all who answer the call.

Prophetically, I believe we tap into the ancient anointing of scribes of old when we engage in writing prompts. Like the temple scribe, we pattern ourselves after their culture of discipline, enthusiasm and dedication. They were trained in their craft by learning to perfectly copy Torah until it was as natural to do so as breathing. That daunting task - as we discuss it in the book, "The Scribal Anointing: Scribes Instructed in the Kingdom of Heaven of Heaven" - unlocked all kinds of revelatory understanding in their time. Similar access is available to us today.

Writing prompts, as I see it, are as powerful as learning to write every Hebrew letter with precision and expectancy. After all, writing prompts by design are short exercises that encourage "unpracticed" flow or free writing in the academic arena - whether the writer is releasing from his or her heart (Psalm 45:1 ) or writing from direct streams of the Spirit (Jeremiah 20:9 )

(SPECIFIC DEFINITION: A writing prompt is a writing exercise consisting of a short statement, idea, question or topic upon which a person responds in writing at will and in a free flow. For example, an image could be presented to a writer with the following instruction: Meditate on this picture for two minutes, and then write what you see, feel or experience.)

Scribes who do not practice the writing aspect of their calling are blocking aspects of The Scribal Anointing that could quite possibly propel them into greater depths of their calling, simply by the anointing resting on its ancient roots.

We must realize that for prophetic people:

  1. Writing prompts are not about proving how great a writer you are to others or to yourself. It about recognizing your own voice; identifying and responding to the voice of God; unlocking your inner courage and boldness; practicing the presence of the Lord and so much more.

  2. Writing prompts allow us opportunities to observe our own writing styles - identifying our strengths, weaknesses. It provides opportunities to observe our clarity in not only hearing the Lord, but determining if we can convey what we hear accurately.

  3. Writing prompts are catalysts for joy and freedom in our spiritual process. How is this possible? Well, prophetic writing prompts free us from always seeking to be perfect! It causes us to let go like children and just have fun in the experience. There are no rules, guidelines... except to be spontaneous. You don't have to think of the "right answer." You'd be surprised how difficult this spontanaity can be for some believers! These prompts, however, can help break those thinking blocks.

  4. Writing prompts can activate the Matthew 13:52 treasure house that God has given us as scribes. We have a first-level opportunity to access the prophetic storehouses laid up for us under The Scribal Anointing. I can tell you personally that this is A POWERFUL REVELATORY TRUTH if you'd dare embrace it. Prophetic writing works like prophecy. When you activate the prophetic gift in your life consistently, you begin to prophecy more often. The same is true for the prophetic writer (or the prophetic scribe) in whatever area they are called to administrate.

  5. Writing prompts are catalysts for overcoming fears, bringing things into order/perspective and gaining courage - especially in a public writing group or setting. It brings you out of your hiding places - forcing you to share, be vulnerable and open. For some believers, this is HUGE! God unveils secrets in writing prompts!

Listen, I could go on and on with this topic.

My point is simple: "Never say I can't write or respond to a writing prompt, or that I don't like them." All prophetic scribes can benefit from their rewards. If you CAN SPEAK - either with your hands, a device or with your vocal cords - you can write.

Writing prompts - for the PROPHETIC scribe - should be seen as keys to unlocking The Scribal Anointing in you, not just unlocking your ability to write. The Scribal Anointing is broader than that singular vision.

And finally, remember that the concept of writing is rooted in "communication" first. We write for understanding, comprehension. Not only does the Lord want to communicate with you; but he wants to ensure that we can be effective communicators to others.

Be empowered and encouraged in your scribal journey.

Theresa Harvard Johnson is the originator of the teachings on The Scribal Anointing, a 21st century revelation of the office of the biblical scribe from an apostolic perspective. She has dedicated her life to uncovering the hidden secrets of this area of ministry, especially in the creative arts. Since 2005, she has penned more than 15 books and hundreds of blogs on the subject from a historical and revelatory perspective; and has equipped prophetic scribes and prophetic writers around the globe. She earned a Master’s of Divinity in Biblical Studies from Liberty University; and is currently completing a Master’s of Art in Professional Writing.

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#4 Theresa Harvard Johnson 2018-01-05 18:37
Thank you so much Mari for commenting! Glad you are experiencing such a surge of The Scribal Anointing!
#3 Theresa Harvard Johnson 2018-01-05 18:35
Sandra, thank you for commenting. So glad you will be using writing prompts to stir up your scribal gift!
#2 Sandra Revelle 2017-12-28 08:41
Thanks Theresa. I have for too long ignored the discipline required to engage in prompts. Your article helps give me the nudge I needed to push me forward. I will take the time . New discoveries of my voice and potential await in the shadows.
#1 Mari Dertinger 2017-12-27 18:47
I used many images as writing prompts as a child and I loved that, but now, as a daughter the stirring and compulsion to write is matchless. Thank you for this detailed explanation and call to writing prompts. The image this morning stirred me quickly and deeply. Look forward to developing my writing thru writing prompts.

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