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Your life will never, ever be the same again once you get that first prophetic/apostolic book out of you! Listen, my first book was a collection of poetry. When I published it back in 2002, it was a monumental task as I had NO IDEA what I was doing. And no one around me knew how to help as they had not published either. So, I had the honor of being the first one in my church family at the time to publish a book and the first in my immediate family.

Getting that book in my hand was the catalyst that changed the course of my scribal life! Literally, the dam broke... and I began receiving even more instruction from God on publishing and books. Some who are reading this can clearly identify with this testimony. You already know that that first book can impact you from the inside out... and cause you to completely open your eyes to "new life and new possibilities" in God.

Yes, I know that sounds weird... but people who have completed book publishing under the guidance of Holy Spirit know exactly what I'm talking about. A whole new world presents itself to some scribes. Sometimes we are waiting on particular types of breakthrough, and it CANNOT COME through traditional means. Why? Because it's tied to FINISHING... what is in your hand.

I've had the pleasure of witnessing prophetic scribes experience:

1. A greater outpouring of revelation on that subject.
2. Heightened understanding about that subject matter and how it connects with other people, places, experiences in your life, etc. It's like seeing the book in digital or physical print activates new sight.
3. Clarification and insight concerning the next steps with that message.
4. New boldness concerning the things of God.
5. A deep, incomprehensible feeling of completion.
6. A deep sense of empowerment toward greater.
7. A connection to a broader tribe.
8. An opening up of their VOICE.
9. An opening up of the mind.
10. A heavier finisher's anointing.
11. Being trusted with deeper revelation, more revelation
12. The widening and opening of doors, opportunities
13. An increase in wisdom concerning the publishing process
14. Unspeakable joy and self-satisfaction, accomplishment
15. A personal awakening (And walk right out of oppressive mindsets, thought practices and sabotaging behaviors.)
16. Unworthiness drops completely off their lives, and self-worth arises.
17. Massive surges of courage and strength from completed books.
18. Personal satisfaction at seeing "an impossible task" come alive.
19. Begin a metamorphosis from their false identity to their true identity in Christ
20. A supernatural unlocking of their potential
21. Clarity concerning their purpose and destiny (Things that seemed hindered will suddenly open up)
22. An immediate charge to write the next book
23. A supernatural ease in writing, especially if the initial process started off rough (What use to be difficult flows like water now)
24. Immediate downloads for the next book (The trust you've built with God will cause you to be trusted with more)
25. A deeper hunger to share the message of the book with others
26. Supernatural insight on how to carry the message of the book forward
27. Empowerment to help others publish
28. An increased, unquenchable desire to build workshops or other strategic events around their book
29. A stronger desire to do the will of God
30. An extreme increase in wisdom, like a spiritual elevation
31. A tremendous outpouring of The Scribal Anointing -- one that activates the scribal gift, even in sleep
32. Massive healing (That would not have come any other way)
33. Unbelievable confidence
34. A greater measure of competence
35. A drive to do and be better
36. An increase in their belief and trust in God.
37. A greater confidence in knowing God is with them.
38. Immense hope for future success.
39. Affirmation that they hear God for themselves.
40. Triumph over seemingly impossible circumstances

And more...

Writing a book isn't just about what people need from you. It's about what God is doing through you and IN YOU during the process and AT THE POINT of completion. Finish your book, more is at stake than the message.



#4 Mari Dertinger 2017-12-19 14:27
This is so good!
#3 Renee Wood 2017-02-28 13:49
I seek to honor God in everything I do. My writing has hit a wall after writing and producing plays for my church. A few people got offended by one play in particular I wrote. My pastor told me to keep writing anyway. I thank him for that, but I have still allowed that to hinder my progress in writing a book God has told me to write. I desire to write it, but believe I must not think about what people might say, for fear of rejection. Please pray that I clear my soul of negativity and forgive those that sought to hinder what God was using me to do. I pray for an open heaven of writing and publishing a book that Father God has ordained for this season in my life.
#2 Theresa Johnson 2017-02-27 19:38
I have prayed for you. I am excited about this journey and your obedience to put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard. May the Matthew 13:52 anointing of the scribe overtake you!
#1 Timothy Chandler 2017-02-22 08:38
This word confirmed what I am in the process of doing now, I have started typing the first book but only got two paragraphs into it. I'm still learning how to write and to be led by the Spirit. My heart is for the book to be a spirit filled book not a knowledge filled book. Keep me in prayer as I press forward with this project. I have no clue what I am suppose to write about, I just know I need to write.

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