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When we hear the word “scribe” it is immediately associated with the gift of writing. The truth of the matter is that this is a “modern day” interpretation of what the ministry of the scribe is and not an accurate depiction of who we are as scribes, as told through the legacy of scripture.

In the ministry entrusted to me, I teach about the fullness of the ministry of the scribe historically and prophetically - from the Old Covenant to the 21st Century worldview of the congregation. This is why we use the terminology, The Scribal Anointing. You see, God called us SCRIBES, not simply writers. The term “writer” indicates a single function associated with the scribe or it signifies ONLY the function of writing.

Nothing is wrong with this; but it doesn’t release us into the fullness revealed in the deep revelation of Matthew 13:52 . For the weight and depth of this understanding, I want to encourage you to purchase The Scribal Anointing Book Series. Just click the banner below for our product list. For the serious scribe, your life and ministry will never be the same.

The scribe, in biblical understanding (meaning as they functioned in the Old Covenant and the New Covenant), was a class of people with different areas of specialty. For us today, it’s like saying, “I’m in the media or I’m an instructor.” The question then becomes, “What do you DO in the media or what do you teach?”

A person in the media might answer: I am a television producer or I write copy for the radio advertising. A person who is an instructor might say: I teach Pre-K and Kindergarten or I teach cooking at the local university. Well, the term “scribe” in the bible functions in a similar way. You see a scribe could very well be: a writer, recorder, copy editor, publisher, copyist, treasurer, bookkeeper, instructor and the list goes on. Remember, scribes served in MANY administrative and instructional capacities in scripture. There were also scribes who operated under a creative anointing. This is why we host our SCRIBE SCHOOLS and mentoring sessions. It is IMPERATIVE that the SCRIBE WALKS INTO HIS/HER FULLNESS -- TRUE IDENTITY.

We must be encouraged in not allowing this world to tell us WHO WE ARE. You see, in scripture – the FUNCTION of the scribe varied greatly! In fact, some of them didn’t even have WRITING as their primary ministry. The Scribal Anointing in and of itself releases the anointing into ALL THE POSSIBLE AREAS OF THIS GIFTING – not just writing.

Learn everything you need to know about "The Ministry of the Prophetic Scribe" -- with extreme emphasis on prophetic writing and its impact on the 21st Century congregation.***

When I pray for the scribe either individually or corporately, I don’t just pray for the writer’s anointing to fall upon them unless that is what God specifically asks me to do. Instead, I pray for a release of the “SCRIBAL ANOINTING” or as some people say it, the “SCRIBE’S ANOINTING” upon them. We use the term “scribal” in Voices of Christ because it is an ADJECTIVE and speaks again into the FUNCTION of the scribe. The word “scribe” is a noun and not very specific.

In the School of the Scribe I oversee, we teach fully on the varying functions of A SCRIBE - not just writing. However, our primary anointing is in literary ministry as it relates to “administration, instruction and creativity.” Our instruction is FULLY about ACTIVATION & RELEASE! In other words, this is our metron.

When we know the truth of who we are, it places us in place of greater release and effectiveness in our calling.

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