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(Please read Part I before continuing with this section.)

Let’s stand face to face, in the spirit, and address some spiritual truths.


There are many people among the congregation that have adopted denominational linguistics. While a person may or may not agree with the use of such language or even the denomination itself – it is what it is – and GOD still speaks to people in and through those environments.


I look at my own life and how I was raised in the Lord. My salvation vernacular was very, very traditional especially in the apostolic-prophetic environment in which I was raised. As I grew in the Lord – and I did grow while there, God spoke to me “in the language the people understood” often using the Christian-ease they were accustomed to hearing. Remember, even Holy Spirit spoke to the people of God in their own language in Acts 2 . Is Holy Spirit not able to continue to do so today whether it is a foreign tongue, a musical sound or a particular dialect?


Even in my denominational beliefs God never stopped dealing with my heart. He would take me into different environments; introduce me to different people groups and their way of doing things. There was a time when I became very critical of some things I saw, but HOLY SPIRIT ALONE began to minister to me, and teach me until I was able to see the beauty of God’s people in whatever environment I was sent into.


God wants to change our perception

Father began to teach me through music. He said, “Theresa, you like worship music and it ministers to your soul. Your husband likes gospel music and it ministers to his soul. Tell me, which one is better since you can both here me and be drawn into my presence.”


It was through this example and many others that I learned that neither one of them were “better” in that sense. The central idea here was that “Father met me and he met my husband” in the midst of our thirst for him. Scribes of the King, this same truth stands in the midst of your literary ministry.


How you “SOUND” and your Holy Spirit led “WORD CHOICE” will meet those who prefer how you sound or how you write. For some scribes, this is not something they want to chance because their goal may be focused more on “marketing and sales” than on the message. So they allow others to change their sound instead of allowing it to be developed in their maturation by Holy Spirit. But that’s another story.


The point of this post is simple: We should not despise the Christian vernacular of others. Why? Because the Kingdom does have a language, but that language through the centuries always have been and always will be subject to the culture and/or society to which you belong.


Did not King James use Old English in translating the bible? The KJV bible is the most read bible in the entire world but NO ONE speaks that way anymore. Is that a reason to discount the weight of the words translated? What about the impact?


You see, there are thousands of mini  societies in the varying cultures around the world. Poets, musicians, playwrights, cooks, football teams, etc. all have "this world" they live in and they all have their unique language, idioms, etc. that they pull from. You can go even further and identify sub-groups in the midst of them and find language expounded even more.


If this is the case, why do we expect the Church or the congregation to be any different? Why is there understanding for all of these subgroups but none within our own faith? This, scribes of the King, is what causes me the greatest concern.


It indicates that there is a wide-gulf among us in which we do not recognize the value “of all the scribal giftings” released in the midst of the body. It reveals that we have, maybe even subtlety, accepted a world standard or a secular standard as a base-line for what our Christian books (or scribal projects) that are used for evangelism or discipleship should look like. Deeper still is an underlining message here for some that believes we must separate from anything that remotely connects to the “culture or society” of our faith.


It’s as if we forget that our ministries are just as broad and diverse as the books published in the earth. I look at myself and the language we use in Voices of Christ. For my assignment and for those to whom God sends me, my vernacular – in its evolving, maturing state – is fit for the ears of the people Father has sent me to reach and to teach! So, my use of Christian-ease in these environments, on this website, and in this article is indeed appropriate.


What’s even more important is that because I am prophetic scribe who fully embraces this area of my spirituality, Father meets me “scribally” when the environment shifts or changes and I am fully able to adapt. THIS is the place we must reach in the administration of our gifting.


With this understanding, we can more easily envision how God uses the uniqueness of HIS PEOPLE no matter where we are as we work out our soul’s salvation and go forth in the work of the ministry. This should also release us from being so critical of other Christian writers and the approach the Lord has given them to take to their writing.


Always remember, YOU are the vessel of oil that God has chosen to pour out. Who you are in him will always be released in the midst of what flows from your literary ministry. Whether you use Christian-ease or write free of Christian-ease, God’s glory is well able to show itself.


I want to encourage you to put this saying to rest. You DO NOT write secular books! You write Holy Spirit inspired books for God’s PURPOSES – period. Just because YOU THINK God is going to use your book one way, doesn't mean that is THE ONLY WAY. We've got to learn to JUST BE THE VESSEL!!!! What you do IS JUST AS IMPORTANT as what someone else does! Your style might move crowds, but that IS NOT the central focus of the gift. The central focus is HEART CHANGE, MIND RENEWAL... SPIRITUAL SHIFTING!


Do NOT GET LOST HERE as so many people do!


Be. Move. Do what has been commanded of you! Then, people of God... trust that just as Father has brought you from obscurity into maturity that he will do it for other believers in your life.


Grace is for everyone... not just a chosen few. We have too much work to do than to stand around and criticize or condemn language or word-choices among those God has called and chosen. When God speaks you will SURELY KNOW IT... as you will recognize his voice from that of a stranger.

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