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Just as there are distinctive signs and characteristics for pastors, apostles and prophets among the congregation, there are also distinctive signs that identify set apart prophetic scribes or prophetic writers. Those distinctions, when examined individually, may not look like much but when laid out, they unveil layers and layers of The Scribal Anointing operating in the lives of believers. This list is based on more than a decade of walking out my own prophetic scribal ministry faithfully and consistently, and from nurturing and mentoring hundreds of scribes over the years. As I share these, please know that they come from a place of being a "DOER" of the Word in the midst of my scribal assignment, not just a hearer releasing revelation in this area without scribal fruit.

I pray that this list of distinctions or "SIGNS" of a prophetic scribe will bless you! For more insight, consider purchasing "The Scribal Anointing: Scribes Instructed in the Kingdom of Heaven." If you find yourself moving in at least 15 of these signs, you are probably a prophetic scribe! (Also check out More Than A Writer’s Anointing, Am I A Prophetic Scribe or a Writer?, Prophetic Writing vs. Christian Writing: Is there a difference? & The Ministry of the Scribal Prophet.)

Here are a few of those distinctions. Prophetic scribes:

1. Often pray, intercede or talk with God through their pen. They tend to work out the issues of their heart in their notebooks or journals – sharing secret things that only God will hear. In this place, writing has become an ear and a tool used for self deliverance, healing, impartation, contemplation, joy, building and adoration to the Father.

2. Write or record from a strong, unplanned or unrehearsed a flow. The words simply stream from the Spirit of the Lord into their hearing and through their recording device or pen. This includes dialogue, novel scenes, songs, poetry, spoken word, the wording of letters, contracts, book content organization, etc.

3. Can quickly identify God’s heart concerning the direction of creative, administrative or even instructional literary works. They simply know where key scribal pieces fit and how they should flow. Most often, this is not a learned behavior but a tangible manifestation of the word of knowledge or the word of wisdom.

4. Once awakened by the Lord, experience constant manifestations of their gifting. In other words, they are daily operating in an aspect of their scribal function. This can be equated to the same level of passion one might see in a musician, psalmist or visual artist. The gifting literally begins to consume and shape their lives.

5. Long and desire to hear the Lord speak to them and through them either creatively, instructionally or administratively. This includes consistently operating eagerly in creative, instructional or administrative activities.

6. Have a pre-occupation with recording what they see, hear and/or experience from the Lord. As the gift matures, they begin to experience a desire to share what they receive with others.

7. May have a special gift and anointing to hear and see stories, articles, novels and books in the lives of or on behalf of others. They walk under a special grace in which they are primarily “recorders” in the Kingdom; and may or may not write or record extensively for themselves.

8. Experience and urgent call to record everything the Lord releases to them, and cannot get any rest in their spirit until those things are written and the projects are completed. They often use terms like being compelled or pushed to record or write.

9. Experience a consistent urgency to release what they record through publishing blogs, books, videos, speaking or even by way of prophetic demonstration through plays, skits, monologues, movies, etc. Everything they release is always backed up so-to-speak as a record.

10. Are drawn to specific types of notebooks, pens, paper, ink types, ink color or other writing essentials – to a point of near obsession. They are often adamant in what they record with, where they record, how they record and how their finished work is presented. For many of them, these are preferences they are not willing to shy away from.

11. Have specific types of spiritual atmospheres that they set to invoke God’s presence. This might also include times of day, specific environments, etc. like writing in a quiet space, sitting in the midst of nature or worship.

12. Have an intense passion for the Word of God, especially as they mature. They desire God’s Word to be presented and taught accurately – in the tenor, authority and context in which it He released it.

13. Have an intense passion, love and respect for words - including how they are presented and how they impact the hearts of others. It's not strange to see the scribe engrossed in word games, reading encyclopedias, dictionaries, taking frequent trips to the library, or other material that challenges the vocabulary.

14. Have a passion for preserving history or knowledge critical to the advancement and success of God-directed assignments in the earth – sometimes they are drawn to specific types of historical documentation like genealogy, wars or other world events.

15. May have a passion for story-telling or recounting events from the unique biblically-sound, spiritual perspective God has given them – with a strong desire to preserve foundational biblical truths, family legacies, etc. This may also go hand in hand with a passion for parables and the passion for teaching.

16. May have the ability to decipher complicated documents, contracts, plans or letters with little or no effort, with or without prior training and regardless of the genre. They have keen discernment and insight in this area for every assignment that is designed for them by the Lord.

17. May have the ability to write letters, administrative documents, contracts, poetry, skits, etc. without any significant effort. Some scribes have an affinity toward perfection as it comes to spelling, grammar and presentation – to a point of extremes.

18. Are awakened in the night season suddenly and often to record prayers, dreams, bible studies, poems, songs, short stories, etc. that reveal the Lord’s heart for his people. The awakening in the night season is solely in the hands of the spirit. The scribes are simply awakened and pressed to record their experiences.

19. Are often pulled into kairos moments during the course of their ordinary days with streams of divine revelation from God that they are commanded to record right in that moment.

20. Are compelled to record the things they see and experience in “certain environments” where they are assigned. There is this desire to keep a “record” of what has transpired or taken place. This is particularly manifest in environments in which uncommon revelation, instruction or prophecy is coming forth.

21. Have a strong passion or desire to “instruct” God’s people, not just teach them things. As the scribe matures, there will be an overwhelming desire to “instruct” in a particular area more so than many others which will often result in the development of videos, books or articles of instruction surrounding that subject matter.

22. Are extremely protective of their scribal projects. They are very, very precious treasures to them – to be protected, guarded and watched over.

23. Are inquisitive (and misunderstood). They generally ask a lot of questions or bend into a great deal of research to acquire knowledge and gain understanding. They are misunderstood in that many believers have taught that the seeking of "knowledge" is carnal, when in fact it is at the very foundation of scribal ministry. God ordained scribes -- in the beginning -- to be experts in their specific fields of study.

24. Can be administratively and instructionally strong and dominant in the midst of their environments. They operate like "apostolic" fixers in the midst of policy making, strategy and governance -- armed with solutions. This realm of operation, when submitted in great humility, comes with great warfare but extreme rewards.

25. Weep over injustices AGAINST the will of God. Mature scribes hate what God hates and loves what He loves. They walk in-step with Holy Spirit's leading and often groan and moan over the atrocities they see around them.

26. Singularly desire to reveal heaven in the earth realm. At the end of the day, their priority is God and His singular vision for reconciliation -- whether they move in their scribal ministries out of joy, correction, comfort, exhortation, social justice, etc., they are concerned with pointing back to God.

I could go on and on with this list. However, it is my prayer that you see yourself -- and the treasures that are within you as a scribe. He has NEED OF YOU. I pray that what I have learned at the hand of Holy Spirit in this area of ministry has encouraged you today. In Yeshua's name.


#3 Victoria Barnes 2017-02-28 10:19
As I read through the list my heart began to flutter at the many answers to so many of my questions, down to the selection of writing material, I thought it was just a simple passion. I never knew why my desire to write was so strong. Even when I write my dreams, all my senses are awakened as if I am in the dream
again, thank you soo much for sharing the list. I have recently had the desire to know which type of writer am I. Thank you for posting the list and Thank you for your email today. Be Blessed
#2 Theresa Johnson 2017-02-18 16:09
Thank you so much for commenting. I am so blessed that you saw yourself in the article above. I strongly recommend my book, The Scribal Anointing: Scribes Instructed in the Kingdom of Heaven, to take you deeper into this calling. Blessings to you!
#1 Kelly Taylor Nutt 2017-01-13 14:52
I have heard the term, prophetic scribe, but didn't understand what it is, so I googled it. I clicked on your site and read through the article. I was amazed as all 26 characteristics describe me to a "T". Blown away right now, lol. I am interested in the seminars that you have to offer. God bless you and thank you for posting this.

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