Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released Through Theresa Harvard Johnson
January 25, 2018

This word is for those already walking in their righteous and prepared places. I STRONGLY sense that it is meeting someone in an old thought-place or process. May it bless you if it applies to your situation.

I heard this: Change is NOT coming to you. Change IS IN you. Make the change to be the change. TODAY, begin by recognizing that you cannot rely on the methods of yesterday.

TODAY is a brand new day.

THIS moment is THE perfect opportunity. YOU ARE NOT WAITING ON ANOTHER THING! YOU ARE NOT WAITING ON ANOTHER SIGN OR WONDER! I am waiting on you to recognize that THIS VISION is in your DECISION and ACTION.

Beloved, I have opened a window to cause you to progress. Don't miss it. BELOVED YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN MY APPROVAL TO CHANGE DIRECTION, CHANGE HABIT, CHANGE THE WAY YOU MOVE.... TO CHANGE!

Ecclesiastes 9:7 , "7 Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, FOR GOD HAS ALREADY APPROVED WHAT YOU DO."

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