Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released Through Theresa Harvard Johnson
January 26, 2018

This is the season of the biblical sage among my people. I am shining my light on those sons who have supernaturally received "spiritual apostolic doctorates" through 20, 30 and 40 years of study without ceasing in the metrons to which they have been assigned. This generation, this population of people are the sages of their day, WISE MEN that I have raised up who have maximized academics through self study and revelatory understanding through their time with me.

They have pondered deep questions. They have held philosophical debates and walk the halls of Solomon's Porch in the Kingdom of God. I alone have raised them up. No man has taught them. No degree in the natural has been conferred upon them... but I call them WISE MEN, sages.

This day, I am affirming you. This day I am calling you into life and declaring that there BE NO REGRET in your learning process. You beloved stand among the giants. You beloved are among the SOLOMONS of this rising generation. You beloved have the wealth of experience wrapped up in your wisdom that crosses generations. Beloved, I am opening the eyes of those in your place of influence to "see you" in this hour and to "seek out" the wisdom, my UNCOMMON WISDOM that is held in your mouths and hands.

Matthew 23:34 a, "Therefore I am sending you prophets and SAGES and teachers...."


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