Theresa Harvard Johnson

I heard this: Beloved, you have come out of a season of misunderstandings and confusion. Situations that went awry because of ungodly expectation; twisted perspectives; half-truths and secret offense have been resolved in the spiritual realm. Blocks and barriers that caused others to respond to you incorrectly because of these misperceptions have come down, the strongholds removed. I have turned the tables. I have exposed the truth. Wait for it because surely it is my desire that you see your victory. I have made the line of sight of your adversary clear. Repentance and forgiveness is set before them. You, beloved have been vindicated. Expect full access where it was previously denied. Expect favor where it did not previously exist. Amen (2 Chronicles 20:15 )


#2 Theresa Harvard Johnson 2018-01-05 18:31
Thank you for commenting Mari! Glad the article blessed you.
#1 Mari Dertinger 2018-01-02 23:17
Needed this! Putting this one in my pocket, it’s already in my heart.

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