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I AM Extending The “Marshal’s Staff” Received November 29, 2017

Insight Before the Prophetic Word

The poem of the judge (scribe, officer) and prophet Deborah and the warrior Barak highlighted Israel’s victory over the Canaanites during one of the most tumultuous times in ancient biblical history. In the poem they sang (Judges 5 ), they listed the warriors responsible for Israel’s victory. Among them were a devout, royal group who carried the “commander’s staff” or the “marshal’s staff.”

The passage states, “The survivors came down to the nobles; the LORD’s people came down to meet with the warriors. Those with their roots in Amalek came from Ephraim; Benjamin came with your people after you. The leaders came down from Machir and those who carry a marshal’s staff came from Zebulun.” Judges 5:13-14

Scholars note that these commanders or marshals represented the lawgivers of that day (judges who were also scribes) who were responsible for the governmental task of engraving, recording and heralding historical victories. Most modern translations of the scripture have reworded this passage, losing its original, authentic translation. Strong historical study, however, brings it back into context thanks to the scribal scholars who value biblical historical accuracy.

 Other translations and historical accounts describe this staff as the scribe’s baton, the scribe’s scepter and in some instances, the scribe’s pen. They were among those who, according to the poem, witnessed the “the earth tremble, the heavens pour out rain, the clouds pour out water and the mountains melt” at the hand of the Lord (Judges 5:3-5 ). As royal or governmental scribes, they operated in a level of authority that sealed a history that could not be revised even unto this day. Their special skill set, depth of accuracy, academic insight, understanding of the times, and technology prowess in preserving the word through memory, art, storytelling was critical for the entire nation. In the same way, God is restoring “the marshal’s staff” among his apostolic-prophetic communities today.

The Prophetic Word

I am restoring the Marshal’s Staff, the Commander’s Staff, the Scribe’s baton within scribal communities in this season (Judges 5:13-14 ; Ezekiel 9 , Matthew 13:52 ). I am calling forth scribes who walk in authority in their areas of specialty with great skill, wisdom, power and authority. I am extending the borders of the Marshal’s throughout the nations.

Many of my sent ones will experience dramatic changes in their approach to scribal ministry in the midst of this change. I am bringing them into greater realms of authority as royal messengers and recorders for the Kingdom. I am causing them to wield their staffs from academic, corporate, medical, social, economic, political, etc. realms. They will be resourceful, accurate and knowledgeable lights among the nations. They will love research, evidence and proof – establishing fresh standards for revealing, uncovering, protecting and preserving truth in the earth.

I am releasing clarity, precision and mastery in specific areas in their assigned places, groups. Voices long thought silenced will arise opening seals, bringing forth new treasure, technologies, and revelation for this present generation in every area of society. Truly, I will release “now” wisdom into their hands that speaks both into the natural and supernatural within the governmental realms of mastery where I have assigned them.

Decades of diligent study is releasing them NOW as 21st century sages, philosophers, record keepers, archivists, historians and storytellers. My heart, my desire will be remembered by them; and clearly seen as I set clear paths for my people. Truly, this is the season for the fulness of the scribe. The unveiling of a fresh anointing and epoch in the office – one of great innovation and mastery.

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