Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released October 21, 2017
Theresa Harvard Johnson


Between 2005 and 2010, our literary teams and leaders would gather to pray for a prophetic awakening among scribes in Christian writing groups, book clubs, critique groups, literary societies, etc. We would cry out for these organizations to become more than just places to publish, produce, develop writing flow, etc.

We would place one question before the leaders in our midst: "What would happen if we began to pray INTO a spiritual movement in this area... in which Christian writers moved from embracing the single mantle of writer or prophetic writer into understanding the calling of the prophetic scribe?"  It would produce such a shift in the midst of these groups (especially the prophetic communities) that is destined to change the trajectory of Christian writing ministry and ministries on an intense community level -- opening up the prophetic womb to reveal more than book publishing and blogging. From there, the scribal fire of revival would burn through the nations....

I held my first prophetic writing conference in 2003. I focused on recognizing the voice of God and its power in, through and around us. Those in attendance were not simply pushed to publish, but worked diligently to ensure that they were PUBLISHED LETTERS THEMSELVES.... long before they began to pour out letters to men and write on their hearts.

In the creative realm where our team eventually walked as a prophetic, poetic force in our metron, this was critical. In fact, we needed to understand immersion and the life of the INSTRUCTED SCRIBE even more than we needed to know how to flow in our gifts or publish books. Even now, I believe this is the principle thing. And when those who arising to the cry of of the prophetic writer... tap into the mantle of the scribe, everything will change....


I heard the Lord say this so clearly: "I am bringing personal revival to the leaders of these hubs, groups, communities, etc. I am shifting their focus from the common to the uncommon. I am opening the gates of the INSTRUCTED SCRIBE to those with an ear to hear; and a heart to receive. I am pushing them past the obvious... and into the deeper realms of publishing. I am causing my prophetic writers and prophetic scribes to move from the shallows to the deep of my LIVING WORD... and release rivers of living water. I am bringing them into extreme clarity in this very moment.

No more inch-high streams. I am calling them into the oceans deep. I am raising up prophetic scribes who will HEAR, SEE, LEAD & FOLLOW with pure hearts... and CLEAR assignments. I am calling them to see beyond the pen... beyond the printed book. These places of fellowship WILL MOBILIZE as HOUSES OF PRAYER! In Jesus Name.


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Thank you, Very good stuff!

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