Theresa Harvard Johnson

I heard this: Beloved, step back! Sometimes all you can be to the people you love is daughter, son, mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, spouse or friend. Cease proving yourself. Cease forcing others to see what you perceive to be your spiritual authority. Rest in knowing that I see you.

Right now, beloved, they cannot see you as prophet, priest or king - a catalyst for their breakthrough, revival... pending joy. Remember, I also brought you from this place with some in your life.

Step back! I did not call you to force yourself onto anyone. I did not send you to dig your own well into their hearts of men. Follow me. Observe my pattern... as I have drawn you with love and kindness. 

Remember, the heart of a man is in my hands only. Shine your light so brightly that they see me in you - in authenticity, truth. Do not become downcast from rejection. Do not make this about YOU. Choose to free yourself. Change your thinking. Unravel your heart from offense. Let go of misconceptions surrounding how others should or should not respond. Focus on what is presently FOR you. Embrace your new perspective today in Jesus Name. #chamberofthescribe#propheticword2017

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