Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released October 12, 2017
Theresa Harvard Johnson

I saw groups of prophetic graphic designers and artists gathering to form "prophetic teams" to stir up prophecy within their gifts and calling. From that vision, this Word of Prophecy came to me as it relates to The Scribal Anointing. Also, I am placing my "Ser-a-PENS" with this prophecy to illustrate the nations. I believe this is a part of this word. I pray that it blesses those who read it.

This is the season that I am awakening the heart of the prophetic graphic designer. I am removing the lid, and supernaturally propelling and accelerating the gift that is within them.

I am causing them to pursue a greater understanding of their calling, purpose. I am positioning their creative eye to see not only design, but the strategies coming through the design's alignment with its vision that I am placing on and in them. Did not I promise to engrave, inscribe my word upon the hearts of my people?

I am positioning my prophetic graphic designers to apprehend this truth creatively. 

Prophesy, son! Prophesy, daughter! Stand as my herald on pen, paper, digital screen, needlepoint, precious stones, wood, metal, etc.  Like in the days of Bezalel, I am bringing my graphic designers forth in power. I am opening eyes to the signet ring, the staff, the seal upon the necklace...

Let the colors of the universe speak for me. Let the color of creation speak for me! Let the order of design speak for me… and bring my people into remembrance of my desire for a holy nation, a royal priesthood.

In this hour, I have called my graphic messengers deeper into the ministry of remembrance. I have called them to impress seals upon the hearts of my people as visual memorials. I have called them watchmen. They will take ground and cause others to take ground with every strategic design I push, pull and release through them. Beloved, this is a season of NEW SIGHT…. NEW HEIGHTS… NEW DEPTHS… of understanding The Scribal Anointing. Be instructed and awakened, in Jesus Name. #propheticgraphicdesign #scribaladvance #thescribalanointing #scribalprophets



#2 Sondra 2017-11-24 14:30
Just wanting things on prophetic scribals
#1 debra 2017-11-07 09:19
Graphic Designers Arise!

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