Theresa Harvard Johnson

Old Rusty Chains

Received July 25, 2017
Theresa Harvard Johnson

Beloved, what you have perceived as rejection is the manifestation of inward unforgiveness, deep rooted bitterness and wells of offense embedded in your heart. These things have given life to deep seeded, self-inflicted paranoia and a twisted reality of your actual situation. And, Beloved, isolation has amplified these unresolved issues of your heart and have twisted your perceptions, distorted your view and turned what was once love into hatred. It has turned blessings into curses, prayers into clanging cymbals before me. I desire your freedom... NOW!

I am at the door of your heart -- waiting to be invited in. There is no fear in me beloved, only safety... peace, hope and freedom.


THIS day, I have come to heal you. THIS DAY, I have come for your trust. I have come to shift that rain cloud, that dark cloud that has hovered over you incessently into SONshine. I have come to open oppressive gates. I have come to break the chains and bolts from your mind, remove the scales from your eyes and reveal the love that you have been unable to see as you have nursed the sickness in your heart and proceeded to see LIFE from that dark, twisted place. Do you not know that "as a man thinks so is he?" Did you know that "out of the abundance of the heart a man speaks?"

Your heart condition, in this moment, is a culmination of the negative state of your mind, your conciousness. Only THE POWER OF GOD can break what has been constructed in this place. Beloved, OWN this sin in your life. REPENT! Cry out for your freedom from "imagination land" in your unrenewed mind, offended heart and illogical perceptions. Yes, I know this seems difficult... but even now, I AM with you.

NOW... extreme pride is coming down in Jesus name! Extreme self-justification is coming down in JESUS name!
Extreme CONFUSION concerning my Word and the interpretation of it is being MADE CLEAR! I AM cutting the cord of murderous, hidden emotions... and bringing them to the surface in you -- less you be overtaken by them eternally. I AM severing the LIE that you can do this ALONE -- without apostolic or prophetic intervention! Distortions CEASE in Jesus Name!

As you HEED my WORD, says the Lord, the gates will open for you. I will send the help needed for your crossover into the abundant land.

Isaiah 61
Galatians 5:1
1 Corinthians 14:33
John 8:32-36
Romans 8
Luke 6:45

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