Since we broke into this new year (2017), I have had a strong burden for "prophetic" scribes in the academic arena, especially those with multiple degrees, advanced degrees and certifications. There's such an apostolic grace in this area to move in and through The Scribal Anointing in THIS HOUR. I pray that those who get this will join me in prayer as they are led in the coming weeks for these scribes of the King to press in and press through. The season of the scribe has shifted so strongly this year... and many are hearing the clarion call to pursue advanced certifications and degrees in their specialty areas, and others are gaining new insight on what to do with their advanced degrees. This, however, is completely inline with scribal culture as it relates to those causes that are set to awaken, revive and bring the people of God into higher realms of understanding God's intent, will and purposes in heaven and earth. I have completed to Facebook Live videos on this subject from late January and early February. Once I locate them, I will place the links at the bottom of this post.

I heard this again this: This is the season for the PROPHETIC academic scribe. The call to specialize in master's and doctoral level areas or to obtain additional certifications in advanced areas will increase in the hearts of many in this hour. KNOW THAT IT IS ME (GOD) LEADING YOU! Critical scribal assignments are associated with these endeavors. Certain access points are tied your obedience in COMPLETING what you have started. It is in this place that the eyes of your understanding will open, and what you "thought" was delayed will meet its supernatural timing. Amen.

Ecclesiastes 7:12 , "For the protection of wisdom is like the protection of money, and the advantage of knowledge is that WISDOM PRESERVES THE LIFE OF HIM WHO HAS IT."

Proverbs 9:9 , "Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning."

Some PROPHETIC academic scribes will find themselves in positions to:

1. Overcome the enemy of ignorance in the congregation with proven skill, recognized EXPERTISE and REVELATORY INSIGHT.

2. Advocate on behalf of the Kingdom strategically, and in great wisdom.

3. Shed light in darkness and bring darkness to light.

4. Serve as a bridge of UNDERSTANDING between key concepts affecting this generation and impacting the Kingdom.

5. Stand on the front line of major political, cultural, educational, MEDICAL, scientific, economic, etc. shifts that have previously confounded, eluded or confused the congregation.


7. Serve as a bridge between the NATURAL and the SUPERNATURAL.

8. Release evidence that supports supernatural insight and activity.

9. Research, document and connect the dots between critical concepts needed to navigate the 21st century.

10. Build a true "case for Christ" in critical arenas.

11. Uncover truths previously hidden and sealed...

12. Gather volumes, compile evidence, proof, records, etc. that are needed to open up new realms and new release in the earth.

Understand that some PROPHETIC, academic scribes have already been moving in these areas. But "NOW" there is an increasing grace, one that is being poured out in this SPECIFIC season.

I heard: "Amplification...!!!" New insights and FRESH WISDOM on "OLD ISSUES" is being poured out...

A major aspect that PROPHETIC academic scribes will possess IS ACCESS to systems, technologies, information and scholarship that is generally CLOSED to the general public. Key scribes are being positioned to gain access to these areas. Some, even now, are on the cusp of turning the KEY and OPENING the "pandora's box." Long held secrets will be brought to light by them, setting TRUTH in motion.... Amen.

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