Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released April 6, 2017
Theresa Harvard Johnson

I heard this: Prophetic writers, TAKE THE LIMITS OFF of your prophetic writing. Destroy the bondages of religion that keep you locked into a regimented release. ENJOY your gifting and your calling in my mind and through my heart. LIVE with your pen! LIVE with you HOLY IMAGINATION! Amen.

Further Insight:
A true prophetic writer is a versatile writer, able to meet the people assigned to them where they are... without limits. In no way were we called to scripted limits in finite boxes full of nothing but direct utterances and the interpretations of visions. THERE. IS. MORE. Some prophetic writers have grossly limited themselves due to religious thinking and ideals. I believe Father wants these writers to know that they have access to His Holy Imagination.


#1 Nicole McCarty 2017-07-10 13:05
Wow such a very Timely word!

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