Theresa Harvard Johnson

I am removing the canker worms and the locusts out of your garden in this hour. I am pulling up the weeds - the wrong associations, connections. No longer will you cast pearls among swine and give bread to weavils in the storehouses and gardens I have opened for you. You have lingered along the edges of Lodebar long enough, and I have called you out of its wasted places once and for all. Yes, your kindness was taken advantage of for many seasons. This, beloved, was before you knew who you were in me... and you lowered your worth, your innate value in response to this void. No more. I have revealed who you are in the deepest places of your heart, and you have risen in power, authority. You know who you are now, and I am commanding YOU to close THOSE cracked open doors and seal them shut! This very act will not only catapult you into your prosperous, resourceful place; but it will be a necessary catalyst as I transform goats into sheep... and scatter the wolves. Amen. (Mark 4:1-20 , Isaiah 58:11-12 , Proverbs 4:23 , Proverbs 22:5 , Proverbs 15:19 ) #chamberofthescribe #propheticministry #scribalprophets #thescribalanointing

As Received, Theresa Harvard Johnson

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