Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released Sunday, March 5
Theresa Harvard Johnson

I heard this word today. It followed a vision in which I saw a woman returning home after a lengthy estrangement from family. It was as if she had been gone for decades. This I know: This word is not just for people who are saved. It is a catalyst for freedom for those who are believers to receive greater freedom, and evidence of God's grace and love for those who need to make a decision to follow Christ... to believe in their hearts.

This is a season of vindication for you. The misunderstandings and confusion that has caused you such great pain is being cleared up, pushed away. I am exposing the deceit behind it all and clearing your name. The obstacles blocking the view of my truth have been removed so those affected can see clearly and stand repentant. I am vindicating time lost. I am softening hardened hearts.

Yes, I know you have moved on and learned to live with the fallout. Know, right now, that you will experience great joy and reconciliation in this season. You will BREATHE again... with an awareness that you have not experienced in a long time. The impossibility of forgiveness is now reality. The shade has been lifted. The years restored. This peace will not be taken away. When it comes, in its fullness, you will know that I am God... and believe. (Romans 5:10 ; Hebrews 12:14 ; John 13:35 )

While placing this article into my blog, I also heard this last statement: "It is time to come home."

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