Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released February 21, 2017
Theresa Harvard Johnson

Some have fought diligently to bring things to the surface... but have had little success. I announce to you that I have chosen people whose work is known in other arenas and have anointed them for specific projects that have long been neglected and have not been properly archived, researched and released with full truth. No longer will your work be ruled out as conspiracy theories! As these projects unfold in the coming weeks, months and years, many will have their hearts and minds opened to truths that have long been denied. Giving many the tools needed to properly respond in the timing I have set forth...

These prophetic scribes bear the skill, technique, knowledge and wisdom to release without bias... and their demonstration - though producing volatile results - will be peaceful, and undisputable. I am uncovering documents and evidence that has previously been hidden, made unavailable or impossible to access for decades. These seemingly unobtainable files and evidences will be found as the gatekeepers of them are removed and a new generation rises. Even now, I am placing concepts and ideas in hearts for research, preservation, exposition and archival techniques. I am using advancing technology enable platforms for release and dissemination. Many of these projects will bring great joy, release... while others will bring confirmation and bring truth to light. I prepared and equipped some prophetic scribes for such a time as this...

Truly, my light shines and nothing is impossible for me. Scholars, academics... get ready to be seen in a different light among my people. Your worth will shine like the dawn. Where you have been rejected, you will find yourself accepted. Expect me to prepare you through expanded certifications in your areas of specialty. Expect me to prepare your heart, mind and voice to speak academic and common clarity.. as I bring you to the forefront as a catalyst for awakening. Expect me to bring you out of obscurity and into the presence of those who once counted you as enemy. Beloved, press... Beloved, continue on... I have indeed assigned you to this territory. I am with you.

That that has been discounted is now being made plain. Expect understanding concerning your direction and course of methodology. My Spirit is igniting you for this new season... this fresh time for my people. Stay alert. I will not waste anything that I have poured into you! I have need of you....

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