Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released February 18, 2017
Theresa Harvard Johnson

Beloved, I am causing some to become more acutely aware of the release of false prophecy into their lives. No longer will my people measure their days or guide their actions by lies. The revealing of truth will set you free.

I am causing you to examine closely what you see and hear concerning your life. I am reteaching you how to discern releases understood as prophetic. Get ready for an increase and instant witness of a word; as well as recognizing Holy Spirit check's that all is not well. Some have taken in much in this season that was not for them and the time to purge is at hand. Some have held on to words that did not come from me and they have hindered your progress. Even now, I am clearing out the confusion.

As time stamps and seasons come into view, I will show my people clearly that some of these words were misguided and false. I am removing veils and fine tuning ears as more time is spent in prayer and study. I am separating soul words from Spirit, idols from sent ones. I am revealing even the motives of my people's hearts, the condition of the heart when they took those words into them. I am teaching my people to track truth, not hype. I am teaching my people to identify emotional word releases as people observed your demeanor from divinely inspired revelation.

I am releasing you from the confusion, frustration and chaos caused by those misguided words. Get ready to know the difference between what is me and what is man so your way will be made straight and not guided by deception. Pour into my Word in this season. Renew your understanding of MY VOICE from a pure place... so a strangers voice you will not follow.

Beloved, know that I speak so that all my will can be done for you. My grace is sufficient. (Deut. 18:22 ; Ezekiel 33:33 ; 1 Samuel 3:19 ; 2 Peter 1:21 ; Matthew 1:21 )



#4 Theresa Johnson 2017-02-27 19:42
Greetings Sharon, Your post blessed me. What an amazing journey you have had with the Lord! I absolutely love hearing testimonies like this. You are so right... he is faithful through it all, even when we don't know.
#3 Theresa Johnson 2017-02-27 19:40
Evelyn, So good to hear from you. I believe MANY of us have had unfruitful words spoken over us... meaning men speaking instead of God. I even had to cast away things I was telling myself. Thank you so much for sharing that you are on the same journey. Blessings to you as well...
#2 Evelyn Dudley 2017-02-22 12:34
Thank you Apostle Theresa, It is a blessing to hear from you. I'm pleased to say, that we are on the same vein. I've been listening for God's true assignment this year. I have cleaned out things and eliminated things from my closet that was just clutter. My wardrobe is limited to a few items that I ware, giving me less choices that took up so much time deciding what to wear. So liberating! I wrote a piece some years ago, titled "What's that sound I hear" Clearly the piece is timeless. I have been sifting through the lies I believed about myself, and cleaning up the residue. Thank you for sharing this word. Looking forward to connecting the dots. May the Peace of God Be With You.
#1 Sharon Smalley 2017-02-22 11:26
I thank you for sending me this prophecy, Theresa. I read it again. I accessed your site thru your Immersion Bible Study Video email invite last evening and I read all your prophecies and especially, re-read this one and also the one about 'A Season of Release'...I listened to the video last night and was so blessed. Your prophecies I believe are right from God's heart...I'm praying my ears will be anointed to hear the Lord's direction in discerning prophetic words...what is God and what is man....I have been a Christian since 1972...45 years this Oct 30, 2017. Wow...a long time, right?...Thru it all, He is faithful and tender. I loved your message about the love of God last night...all these new converts that will be coming in will need our love and the grace of God...we cannot point the finger I know...Jesus loves and keeps on loving...where sin abounds, grace much more abounds...God is Good! Thank you, again. I hope to be able to tune in to next week's video. God Bless and Keep You....p.s. I so enjoyed your awesome testimony...the whole celebration was arranged for you that night. Amazing! God is Amazing!

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