Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released February 12, 2017
Theresa Harvard Johnson

Stop restraining yourself. You have deliberately sought to remain in the background and allow others to shine, even at the expense of your own prosperity and joy. You have taken the resources placed in your hand and used them to push others forward in their destiny and purpose. You have hit pause and I am commanding you to hit play.

Your actions over the years have been selfless and from a pure place. Some directed by me and others from your own will, but I have honored you in all. Truly, you have moved out of a heart of goodness and truth, and many times... your kindness has not been returned by those who have benefited. It is a NEW day for you!!!

It IS a NEW DAY for YOU!

You have been so faithful in giving that those around you simply expect this when needs arise. Today, I THRUST you into a new season. Embrace it NOW!!

I have held you in the midst of every selfless act and I AM here to reward and repay in your now. I have already shifted your priorities. I AM causing you to shine a light on your own hopes and dreams... those I am revealing. The hand that has freely given and poured out in that way, has been given a new direction. Walk boldly in it and do not look back. Listen! You still carry my heart for giving.... This change that you have sensed... is only a changing of priorities as I release your reward. It is okay to walk away from this old pattern and embrace something completely new. Receive this joy that I am giving you. Receive this peace. No guilt. No condemnation. Just freedom.


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