Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released January 25, 2017
Through Theresa Harvard Johnson

Beloved, I am removing the fear of leadership from your mind and your heart. I am causing you to see those you perceive to be in authority over you with fresh eyes - this includes those I placed after my own heart and those who have been hirelings in your midst unaware. The years of spiritual and mental abuse, oppression and control you have submitted to is being erased as I call you into your true identity and clothe you in boldness, as I call you out of the darkness of tradition and religion and into the light. No longer will the little boy and the little girl commanded to obey their elders in fear be your guiding light. No longer will intimidation and cowardice parade as submission and obedience in your life undetected. By my Spirit, you are being set free! NOW! I am restoring your voice. I am reviving authority in you. I declare, this day, your tongue will no longer be tied in the presence of men you perceive to be in places of authority. You are LOOSED in Jesus Name! Amen.

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