Theresa Harvard Johnson

I heard this: I am slowing you down and pointing you in a specific direction so there can be focus, concentration. You have been in an endless cycle of distraction, where your eyes and hands "have been on doing this and moving in that" in your own strength. Things produced here have been temporal and frustrating to you. Right now, I am showing you how to lay them down. I am teaching you how to concentrate on me and step away from those distractions.

No longer will you attempt to make something happen without me. No longer will you pattern what is in your hand after others expecting their results in this season. Rather, you will hear and see my instructions and walk with great ease in what I have given you. Lay down the anxiousness, desperation. I am with you. I am guiding you. I desire to increase your trust, your belief in me in this area. Lay your efforts down and follow me. Amen.

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