Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released January 10, 2017
Theresa Harvard Johnson

In a dream, I was standing on a mountain top's highest peak. I was dressed in this modern-day priestly mantle holding a silver staff and looking out over the earth as a chosen scribe of God. This position was my purpose and destiny, and I knew it with everything in me. Below, there was a sea of artisans and scribes - equally adorned in breath-taking, heavenly gear - standing in military-style formation between other giant mountains, filling in the valleys as far as the eye could see. At the tops of those mountain peaks were other artisans - also wrapped in mantles and holding their respective staffs. To my right was this GIANT ancient, weathered book, inkwell and intricately designed stylus or dipping pen. As I gazed upon the book, the cover flew open and the pages began to flip rapidly as words rose from them and into the earth... reaching through time, space. Inwardly, I knew that book contained the times and seasons of God for some critical projects destined to reach the earth.

It was then that I realized that instead of flags or banners positioned at the tops of these mountain peaks to direct the people, we - God's generals - were the flags. God had stationed us there. Like a time lapsing movie, my view traveled through the mountain tops from the generations of the past to the present day. It was beautiful... and utterly impossible to take it all in or describe what was presented before me. Literally, I was standing on my respective mountain top (overlooking the station or rampart of the others and they were doing the same). It was clear that we were reaping the benefits of all who gone before us... in earnest pursuit of their calling in this area. We were building on an ancient anointing, authority and power. As Father's watchtowers, commanders, releasers, strategists, breakers... we were literally transitioning the armies of artisans in our day into that new day. The earth was filled with every possible artist and art form you could imagine. And all of those present were READY. We were the remnant God had shaken out... (The prophecy below represents a portion of the insight from.)
I heard this: "This is the greatest season of the artisan and the scribe. THIS IS YOUR TIME!" Just as I called forth a distinctive and forceful revival and revolution of scribal activity and artistry at the hands of Bezalel (Exodus 31 ), David & Solomon (1 Chronicles 15 & 2 Chronicles 2-4 ), Ezra (Ezra 7 ), so am I doing with my sons in this season. This revival among artisans is unlike any I have released in the earth since ancient times. I am using the creativity of my Spirit to revive their souls, nourish their hearts and create a place for me to dwell and tarry. Look at this new thing I am doing in the midst of this generation! I am pouring out my spirit upon the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who have laboured in this call, and I am reviving their land! I am placing my scepter in their hands and causing them to use it to awaken the sleepers to my call. I am placing my scepter in their hands to awaken them to the beauty of my creativity, and the call to and for revival. No longer will the artist and the scribe be called forsaken... for my glory upon their administration and release will have greater impact than in previous seasons. I am causing those blind to this area of ministry to open their eyes and SEE YOU.... to see the potential of the creative calling.... to see the revival happening in the midst! I am causing them to see!
Beloved, this is the DAY of the scribe and artisan - the pure of heart, the faithful. This is the day of the loyal scribe and artisan dedicated unto me. This is the time of the scribe - administratively, instructionally, and creatively. It is the TIME of the artisan and the time of the scribe apostolically, prophetically, technologically, socially, culturally, historically, entrepreneurially and economically. For those who hear, understand and implement, their impact will be exponential in myKindgom. Yes, you create with me; but some are allowing me to create through them. Both are good and necessary in this time.
I heard Father say to the generals: Look to see what I will say to you concerning your company, and then act quickly. Grab hold of the transition and watch as we move into this wave of revival. Remain steadfast, attentive and you will see my glory. You are entering your greatest time and season in the earth as a prophetic artist and scribe - especially among the body. Impact will be visible, tangible. Amen.

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