Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released January 6, 2017
Theresa Harvard Johnson


I saw people of all ages bound in wheelchairs, confined to beds or sitting in upright positions whose physical bodies were afflicted. Some of them were completely immobile and unable to speak - but fully alive and aware in their heart and minds. I sensed overwhelming grief as I saw them, as some of them were longing for a greater connection to God and His people. It was obvious to me - in this moment - that they knew him.

I overwhelmingly sensed the Lord's heart for them and the heart of those assigned to give them life. In a flash, I saw numerous organized groups (of about five or six people) coming into this one particular facility to teach, pray, release prophecy, perform miracles and in some instances, help those in the midst of severe suffering enter into deep forgiveness and peace; and ready themselves for transition from this life into the arms of Christ. I knew that this massive influx of believers was an indication that the Lord was pouring His spirit upon those in need and those empowered to serve. I strongly sensed that the Lord wanted to encourage those called to this area of ministry; empower them to continue in their well-doing; and to encourage them to "not give up" on mobilizing their efforts to reach this population of people.was opening doors for those leading this charge to expand, grow and be seen among the Body. I heard Father say, "This is my place of miracles. There's much to be done here." I heard Father say, "This is one of my chosen places of miracles, signs and wonders in this hour. DO NOT get discouraged here."


Beloved, remain encouraged in your calling. Yes, I know you have felt as if you are standing alone in this quest to comfort the lame and the weary among you. But I say to you now: Take you eyes off people! Keep your eyes on me.

I have chosen you for a critical work. Stay faithful, and you will see me bring you all necessary help. Right now, I am releasing you every place of control in which you have said: "I am tired of asking people to help me. I will do it myself." Beloved, I know you have walked without committed help from others. In the midst of this, I have strengthened you and given you the tools needed to not only see and answer the needs; but to also use what you have learned to formulate a plan to build a network of people who can carry this burden with you. Use what I have taught you, and watch me guide those whose hearts are loyal to this area of ministry into your presence - putting every necessary part in place to minister to and meet the needs of those most vulnerable among you.

I am releasing your heart from offense and unforgiveness. I was there when you cried out because others could not see the necessity of this area of ministry, or hear my pleas and calls to the sick, the poor, the lame. I am placing a message in you that will ignite and awaken others. I will show you when to speak that message to those you encounter; and when to be silent. I am causing you to understand that some people could not "see" what I have shown you. Trust me. Trust me. I SEE YOU... and I am pleased. Amen.


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