Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released January 2, 2016
Theresa Harvard Johnson

In this very moment, I am placing an urgency upon my scribal prophets to gather the volumes assigned to them. Like a historian, they will make available the secrets and mysteries of the Kingdom on critical subjects as I have prescribed it to them over the years for a historical account, for navigational purposes and for foundations on which new revelation can spring forth. I am instructing you in the scribal realm of dreams and visions. I am placing a "knowing" deep within the recesses of your heart concerning what you will write, record and illustrate. These works will be specific, extremely detailed, pin-point accurate and eye opening to those to whom they are assigned. Amen. 
The volumes that I saw were bound as magazines, books, compilations of short videos, specific categories on blogs on certain subjects, etc. The writings and recordings were "compilations" of progressive revelation, specific sermon series, and prophecy. (This specific word came to me today. However, I heard a similar word back in 2011. I believe this time has come upon us again. Here's the previous prophecy: Gather the Volumes
Also check out the prophecy, "I AM Reissuing Old Books & Articles."

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