Theresa Harvard Johnson

Look for victory around you, says the Lord. Do not look for what is taking place in this exact moment that makes your heart heavy, weighs you down with worry or seeks to steal your joy. Remember, I "really" am right with you in the midst of this. Focus on the assurance, the irrevocable assurance that I will see you through. The wind of encouragement and strength is before you, ready to engulf your soul. Believe it! Receive it! Do not look toward what "seems to be" a monumental burden; rather look toward me... as my yoke is easy, my burden is light. See this as it truly is... the end of one journey and the beginning of another, a new day. Hope in me. Have faith in me. (Rev. 21:6 , Rev. 12:11 , John 3:8 )

Released through Theresa Harvard Johnson, March 19, 2016. Purchased stock image.

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