Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released March 19, 2016 Theresa Harvard Johnson

I awoke from my dream praising the Lord. My heart was so full that I was not sure that I would remember this dream and be able to record it. So thankful for Father's faithfulness. In this dream, I was observing a large Christian writing conference of some kind. It looked to be international in nature. Instinctively, I knew that my role here was one of an intercessor representing scribal intercessors who had been praying for an awakening such as this. It was filled with people from all cultures, races who had a fierce passion for God. I was on the outside looking in... praying, interceding. Suddenly, those in attendance began to cry out for God. Their worship was personal, intense... drenched in His presence. They began to weep and declare His will. They began to proclaim His will in the earth. All kinds of prayers began to go forward... for scribes. There were so many, that I could not pinpoint or focus in on just one. They were all praying for revival, the were praying for a scribal awakening. Then, within an instant... I saw these groups dispersing into specific tribes with varying intercessory focuses. Some of the scribes leading, were already positioned to establish or set up strong apostolic teams. All of them, however, were literally carrying God's heart for scribal ministry, beyond the realm of writing, throughout the earth. They were coming into their true identities under The Scribal Anointing. They were beginning to see themselves as they truly are in the Spirit. Some began pulling out pens, paper... recording strategy. It was then that the dream ended.

Word of the Lord

Like a burst of bright light I will SUDDENLY awaken my people, says the Lord. I am bringing those who have "traditionally" seen themselves as Christian writers from the slumber of Babylon, from the slumber of "single mindedness" into a broad revelation of my purposes for them. I am causing them to "see themselves clearly" as I see them ... embracing the beauty of who I alone have called them to be... my administrators, instructors and creators.

They are arising as protectors of the word.

They are arising as teachers of my word... in the loyal, faithful spirit of the scribes of old who feared me.

No more will they resist this pull toward their "true selves." I am raising them up TO REMEMBER their first love -- to seperate the analytical mind of Babylon from the Spirit. I giving them an arial view of their calling... framing every gift, calling forth every destiny that has always been set before them.

This is the time of "understanding" for the scribe.

This is the time of "wisdom" for the scribe.

This is the time of "awakening" for the scribe.

This is the time of embracing the "prophetic" nature of the scribe.

This is the time when the Spirit of Ezra will come upon them... as it came upon the scribes of old -- and they will teach my people MY WAY. Follow my Spirit. Grasp my vision. Allow your desire to become my desire. Only resist what I have taught you to resist... and seek to love what it is that I love in the midst of your calling, purpose.... destiny.

This is the season when I am removing scales from the eyes of scribes in every area of governance. I will awaken those who sleep in the  educational arenas; publishing industry; entertainment industry... and even within my congregations. I am breaking away the mind  and the way of the pharisee. I have made a way for them to cross into this refreshing newness, says the Lord. Every false belief that has been erected on my foundation is coming down. 

  • Christian writing communities will become intercessory hubs. (This will be among the first signs that come forth, specifically as it relates to prayer burdens for other scribal communities, hubs.)
  • Chrisian writing communities will begin to change their language to the culture of scribes of the King. (These we among the first signs that will come forth.)
  • Christian writing communities will transform into scribal centers for all scribes - administrative, instructional and creative.
  • Christian writing communities will become spiritual development centers for those I am raising as masters.
  • Christian writing communities will become safe places of transition and prophetic development.
  • Christian writing communities will organize as spiritual gatekeepers.
  • Christian writng communities will be led by strong, unwavering, assertive, uncompromising apostolic types.
  • Christian writing communities will have a heart and loyalty to God that will astoud many in this century.
  • Christian writing communities will be catalysts for restoring the Fear of the Lord within the 21st Century congregation.
  • Christian writing communities will will play key roles in restoring the ministry of the "prophetic" scribe back into the congregation.

I am restoring what has been lost among the congregation, says the Lord.  I am raising up apostolic publishing houses globally that are not afraid to publish my Heart in my name. I am strengthening those that already exist... and are standing as pioneers and trailblazers in this very hour. The industry of Christian writing is upon a NEW DAY, says the Lord. I am raising them up with an apostolic mind. Revival is upon them...

Matthew 13:52 NASB, "And Jesus said to them, “Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure things new and old.”



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