Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released December 27, 2016
Through Theresa Harvard Johnson

Beloved, this is the season that I am calling you out of the shadows of the past and into the present in your writing (books, poems, plays, skits, songs, etc.). I have opened heaven over your desire to release this testimony, causing it to flow with ease from you. I have placed every resource in place to meet your obedience. Rise to the occasion of this clarion call.

Right now... in this moment, I have declared: You will no longer be ashamed of your testimony! No longer concerned with what others who "desire your silence" want to say! You will no longer be fearful of the repercussions that only man can give. I HAVE CALLED YOU FEARLESS! I HAVE CALLED YOU VICTORIOUS! I have called you out of the shadows... and into the light.

Do you not know that I have worked deeply in your heart for such a time as this? Do you not know that the nudging to move forward is my desire to bring you to the forefront? This pen in your hand is your KEY to that next place that I desire to bring you into - a place of freedom, confidence, trust and an overwhelming joy.

Wield your pen as a sword in this season. Be empowered to tell your story of my hand in the midst of your VICTORY. Your family needs it... to shake loose the chains and cobwebs of secrecy and division. Those assigned to you need it for courage, empowerment and healing! I am using this assignment... yes, this assignment to restore your voice.... and to renew your voice... to establish a fresh and new story, rewriting the past.

Beloved, my GLORY will be revealed in the midst of the Words I am pressing you to write. THIS IS MY LOVE STORY... and I am taking you into deeper realms of healing with every stroke of the pen or key. That breakthrough you have been waiting for... is in this place of obedience. I have need of you for such a time as this. Amen. #scribesoverthiscity#thescribalanointing#scribalanointing#prophets#prophetic

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