Theresa Harvard Johnson

November 12, 2016

Background: The election season has revealed many things to my heart concerning the prayer, the prophetic and clearly understanding what God is saying or doing in a particular group, region or territory. There are two things we can count on: (1) God is not the author of confusion; and (2) God does not have super-star prophets or apostles operating in the Body of Christ. No ONE PROPHET, at least in this dispensation of the Gospel, speaks for ALL PEOPLE or a particular nation or people group. In pondering this over the course of this year, Father begin to share with me how He was using this great season of confusion that we find ourselves in  -- here in the United States -- to re-teach some of us how to distinguish between His voice and the voice of a stranger. This prophetic word is a portion of what the Lord is sharing with me.

Prophecy: In this moment, I am realigning the prophetic and the prophetic voice in some of my people. I am bringing things you have believed about the prophetic voice into a new, fresh view. I am causing my people to re-evaluate how they hear, and what they allow into their ear-gates and eye gates. I am speaking deeply to you concerning what you eat, how much you eat and what you discern as food. Your spiritual digestion is paramount to me. What you take in as nourishment and eliminate as waste is critical to me.

Just as I have placed many in this nation on a health conscious path; I am calling my people to move into a spiritually “health-conscious” path. Not everything is for your eating. Not everything is a pro-biotic for your spiritual walk. I am teaching you about the impact of eating words and in-taking words into your Body. Come away with me. Purge your spirit of the many voices, the many smorgasbords that you have turned into a “prepared table.”
As you follow my leading, I will purge your body, soul and spirit of the toxins of this season – those that are freshly resting upon you and those you were unknowingly exposed to through this season. I will cleanse the impurities of your blood, and conduct a supernatural spiritual transfusion in this hour. Yes, beloved. Allow me to do this in you… and watch me strengthen your heart, renew your strength and increase your belief.

Surely, my sheep will again know my voice.
I will cause you to recognize Balaam’s forked tongue – one that speak lies and one that releases truth. Nolonger will my remnant (including the elite) walk as the foolish young prophet – one minute performing miracles and the next pulled out of my presence by deception that comes with many voices.
Come to me, let me clear your way.

Enter this time of detoxification from the voice of strangers – the MEDIA, SUPER-APOSTLES, SUPER-PROPHETS… and the myriad of unsanctioned voices before you. I desire to speak to you intimately and from within the circle of trust I have given you. Once again, I will teach you the value of community and the power of safety in the midst of multitudes of counselors within your community… the fellowship that I have set before you.
Let me draw you into the save place… within the boundaries of the territory you have been given, the safe place I have created.
Watch me purge you quickly and relieve you of the confusion the tower of Babel has caused. Watch me heal your heart. Watch me detoxify your soul and change your language. Watch me exchange hearts of stone, for hearts of flesh. Watch me cause Christ to be the line in the sand, and not men. As I realign your prophetic sight and prophetic understanding, I will teach you again to be a WATCH – MAN of listening, action and prayer.

My voice IN YOU will arise like the sun and nourish you and those assigned to you like the rain. Truly, I am causing you to be slow to speak and quick to listen. Amen.

John 10

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