Theresa Harvard Johnson

I heard this today: Yes, you have reaped much fruit in this season of your life. You have walked in great obedience to me with every endeavor and assignment given to your hands. It has pleased me and blessed the souls of those who ate from the prepared table. Every nutrient has been pulled from that field. Walk away, says the Lord. Embrace your new day. There is nothing else you can grow in that field.

In this season, I have given you a new field in an unfamiliar land. You will grow and produce fresh fruit, a new harvest from a new crop. I am doing something completely different in your life. Continue in your obedience and faithfulness. Continue in steadfastness. Endure as I have taught you to endure "with me." You will reap a fine harvest and others who recognize the fruit will eat from the harvest, glean from your field and be renewed. (2 Corinthians 9:10-11 )

September 19, 2016 
Theresa Harvard Johnson

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