Theresa Harvard Johnson

Ecclesiastes 5:5-6 CJB, 5 (6) Don’t let your words make you guilty, and don’t tell the temple official that you made the vow by mistake. Why give God reason to be angry at what you say and destroy what you have accomplished? 6 (7) For [this is what happens when there are too] many dreams, aimless activities and words. Instead, just fear God!”

I am bringing those with endless visions, endless dreams into truth, says the Spirit of the Lord. I am causing the mind of Christ to rise in the midst of the chaos. Delusions, confusion and misinterpretations are being revealed in the midst of truth. I am causing the purposes I have for you to come forth and be defined in the earth that I might be seen, that I might be glorified. I am causing you to awaken spiritually in areas where false perceptions and belief has risen; and plans have been frustrated. I am bringing forth great clarity and perception in the natural mind as well as in the spirit. Yes, you will see as I see, declares the Lord. Eyes they now see, ears are hearing. Every place of super-sainthood and pride are coming down and a teachable spirit is opening up. Soundness of doctrine is yours for the taking. Every place of crossing between my Word and words of the soul are being divided so that truth will stand apart from the lie. You beloved, will know the difference like never before and walk accordingly.  No condemnation, says the Spirit of the Lord your God. I am sending targeted dreams. I am causing your activities to move with purpose. I am sending you forth with words of life. The truth of my spirit is within you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am pulling back the film, recovering sight to the blind. In Jesus Name

Released March 21, 2015
Theresa Harvard Johnson

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