Theresa Harvard Johnson

I spent the better part of this weekend in prayer - praying for others, praying for my family. This morning, as I prepared for the day in prayer Father spoke this to me. I want share it with you as a place of encouragement. I pray that it blesses and affirms your soul; and reaffirms his promises.

I heard Father say: I am answering the prayers of my righteous, faithful. Many have prayed consistently for specific people to come out of bondage and some have cried out in the midst for their own "complete" freedom. Expect your deliverance in this present season, says the Lord. You will not walk this way again.

Watch. Arise. Watch. Arise.

A flood of deliverance is raging around repentant hearts, those who have committed to the press. Out of you will flow understanding at the moment of breakthrough. For those who are in bondage to sickness/disease, pain management, addictions, people, cults, jobs, mindsets (false doctrines, false beliefs, negative mindsets, etc.), you will awaken and walk out of the prison doors. Do not stop interceding, knocking at the gates because of weariness. Your intercession and the intercession of others for you has reached its threshold... and living waters has risen to flood the gates. My faithful, trust me... in the final leg of this specific prayer journey. I am always before you. In Jesus Name.

Galatians 5:13 a, "You, my brothers, were called to be free."



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