Theresa Harvard Johnson

This word of the Lord for 2014 was released through Wendy Graham in reference to the Spiritual Goal Setting initiative Voices of Christ has embarked upon with prophetic scribes for the year. Here's the link to the audio teaching from January 12; and a link to the online accountability group. May this Word of the Lord bless you in relation to this Holy Spirit led initiative.

“Spiritual Goal Setting”

As we entered into the call tonight for “Spiritual Goal Setting,” the Lord spoke to me in a vision. I saw flowers in an open field, but these flowers had fallen over because they were top heavy. It was as though their stems could not support the weightiness of the flower head. I heard the Lord say that these flowers represented past assignments and projects that began to bloom to a certain degree but then lagged and so these did not get off the ground. In fact, the flower heads fell over because you got delayed and bogged down and lost your “productivity.”

However, it is a season where you will now witness my resurrection power! Know that these past assignments are not dead, nor are they diseased or decayed, for I am causing these things to now take a stand once more. Yes, I will give them cause to rise up and spring forth into their fullness and this time they will appropriate themselves in this season in all my splendor. For, I am re-birthing even the OLD into the NEW, says the Lord. So, let your heart rejoice and be glad in it for this time I will bring you into the fullness of my instruction, direction, creativity and my bounty!

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