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Word of the Lord & Vision

This morning in my worship and prayer time, Father spoke to me specifically about The Scribal Anointing resting on His apostles and prophets. Because of the role these offices and functions play among the congregation, Father decided to speak directly into their specific ministry call -- whether from the mantle of a scribe or simply the directive to record specific messages.

The Word of the Lord came to me saying: “Truly, I release my Word to them in this hour. I have unfolded and continue to unfold the mysteries of the Kingdom before them – showing them what was, what is and what is to come.

Obediently, they release what I give them orally and accurately convey what I present before them in the realm of the spirit. Yet, they are not creating a record of what I speak or what they see – though I urge them, and push them. Over the progression of time, much is lost – stolen, forgotten. Prophet, remind them of their command to record. Remind them of the necessity of their obedience in this area. Truly, I am releasing to them the answers to prayers, unfolding the strategies of Heaven, and preparing them and those to whom I am sending them in this very hour. I desire to trust them with greater.”


SIDE NOTE: Also review, the Significance of Recording Date & Time in Dreams & Visions Parts I & II; Understanding Timing in Dream Interpretation; listen to the three part audio series on the Significance of Recording Dreams & Visions (over three and a half hours of teaching); read the following prophetic words, Word of the Lord: 2011 (Rising of the Daniels) and Word of the Lord: Gather the Volumes. Each of these articles, audio files and prophecies directly relate to the Word of the Lord below. Only VOC members presently have access to the audio files mentioned above.


As Father spoke, this scripture rose in my spirit:

Matthew 25:23 CJB, “His master said to him, `Excellent! you are a good and trustworthy servant. You have been faithful with a small amount, so I will put you in charge of a large amount. Come and join in your master's happiness!”


I saw mature, advancing scribal apostles, scribal prophets and other prophetic people moving unashamedly in standing as Father’s oracles, meaning speaker or mouthpiece, concerning His Word. They spoke and released with great accuracy, authority and power.


Their words were truly walking out Hebrews 4:12 CJB which speaks: “See, the Word of God is alive! It is at work and is sharper than any double-edged sword - it cuts right through to where soul meets spirit and joints meet marrow, and it is quick to judge the inner reflections and attitudes of the heart.”


As I watched, I saw those who were receiving the Word shout in excitement, fall under the weight of the Word, press into places of deliverance and healing, enter into a weeping posture or succumb to overwhelming joy. It was as if I could “see” the Words of Father WASHING the people!


I have no words to adequately express the color and presence of God in this vision. But what happened next caught me off guard.

The people, as they left, began taking on “absent-minded” or “blank-like” expressions on their face. You see, while the WORD went forth and while the WORD was received… some of the people, because of where are in their walk, were unable to retain or remember “the fullness” of what had been spoken.


Then, Father said this: “Where is my record? Where is my report? Where is my memorial? Where is my witness that I have spoken to this people in this hour?”

I was left, pondering on the weight of Father’s Words. Immediately, I entered into intercession – praying that Father’s people will answer the call in the midst of THIS SPECIFIC mandate.


In my spirit only one question remained: “Why won’t you scribe for your King?”



Prophetic Insight & Further Interpretation of the Vision



Jeremiah 36:2 CJB, 2 "Take a scroll and write on it ALL THE WORDS I HAVE SPOKEN against Isra'el, Y'hudah and all the other nations, from the day I STARTED speaking to you, back in the time of Yoshiyahu, UNTIL TODAY.”


While this passage of scripture is about writing the prophecies against Israel, we are going to look at some additional elements of it – those things that Father desires to bring forth through this Word and vision. And though this command was given to Jeremiah “the prophet,” it also applies to all of those to whom Father has said “take a scroll and write on it.”

Note that Father gave his scribal prophet, Jeremiah, a command to:


  • Take a scroll. In other words go get a notebook, tablet, paper or recorder.


  • Write on the scroll all the words I have spoken. There was an expectation Father had in Jeremiah as his oracle. He not only gave Him the Word to release, but He gave him the command to PRESERVE and PROTECT that Word. It wasn’t Jeremiah’s Word after all – but HIS KING’S WORD, HIS GOD’S WORD.


  • Write everything from the DAY I STARTED speaking to you up until this EXACT MOMENT. You see, this scribal prophet obviously had not been recording everything as God had commanded. So the Lord made it plain. Not only did Jeremiah have to WRITE EVERYTHING that was ever given to him (and that he had spoken as God’s mouthpiece), but he had to get into a quiet place and allow the Lord to bring all of those words back to His remembrance.


As you continue to read Jeremiah 36 , you will come to know that the most important aspect of this command is that NOT A SINGLE WORD that God has spoken (including the tenor and full context of that Word is lost.) You will also quickly grasp that the command to “grab the scroll and write” is a cry from Father’s heart to have His word preserved, archived and available. It’s not always “necessary” that YOU physically write the word out yourself… but it does mean that you are responsible for “protecting it, preserving it and rehearsing it in the ears of the people.”

In addition, there is a premise here that can be understood this way: “What the people do not hear with their ears through the direct voice of the prophet, could also be read to them over and over again EXACTLY the way God released it. In other words, it not only becomes a memorial, but it SERVES THE PURPOSE OF A MEMORIAL as understood in the scriptures. That purpose is simple: “Father wants the people to REMEMBER.” (Note: During Jeremiah’s time, most people couldn’t read. There was no need since book publishing and printing was nonexistent. They lived in a society that depended on God’s Word being visual and vocal. Only an elect few, priests and scribes, were trained to read on a broad scale.)


Exodus 17:14 HNB says, “The LORD said to Moshe, "Write THIS for a memorial in a book, and REHEARSE IT in the ears of Yehoshua…”


Now, what does all of this mean for you!


It means that YOU bear the BURDEN of ensuring that all those who are assigned to the WORD released from you have continuous access to it! It means that you ARE NOT permitted to walk around “GUESSING” what God spoke, rather, you are to pull from the archives and READ what WAS WRITTEN!


It means that the people of God NEED AN ACCURATE ACCOUNT of the things entrusted to the SANCTIFIED, HOLY people of God in this hour that can be rehearsed. It means that Father wants to archive what He speaks to you and through you AND BUILD A LIBRARY/REFERENCE POINT for His Word. You see, when we try to “TELL PEOPLE” what God said yesterday verses “READING OR HEARING WHAT WAS SPOKEN,” we lose the wealth and weight of what Father has revealed… and we prevent the revelation from CONTINUING TO SPEAK with accuracy. We also fail to provide a recorded "witness" - that will some day SHOW that God did indeed speak for those who walk in unbelief.

I tell you, reading the Word of Lord from the “unchanged record” of Ezekiel, Joel and Isaiah brings greater clarity to me than hearing someone “try to translate or interpret” what they said. I am thankful to God daily for the preservation of the Torah, the books of wisdom and the prophets from that day. My faith and trust is deepened as I look through the Word of God and SEE actual prophesies fulfilled! It "proves" that Father has spoken.


This Word and vision above is impressing upon us our responsibility in this hour. We are being called to not only SPEAK but to prepare that word for the Joshua’s we are speaking into in this hour.

Scribes of the King, there are volumes in your voice! A prophet spoke this over me a few years ago and recorded the depth of these Words for me to remember. Even now, the prophetic word sits framed on my desk as a constant reminder of the requirements Father placed on me “through the Word of the Lord.”

Too many of us are RELEASING… and then allowing the words to blow in the wind without record. Father is literally asking you: "Why won't you scribe for your King? What is preventing you from moving forward in your mandate to record?"

Confess this sin of neglect scribes. Ask Father to forgive you, then choose to obey… and be consistent and obedient -- even in those things you might currently see as "small." Because to God, they are big...

People of God, be encouraged in this Word. God wants to "compile His volumes" THROUGH YOU! WHAT AN HONOR... that is not bestowed upon just anyone.

Father is waiting…

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