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I awoke this morning with a song in my heart. I experienced a very peculiar, different kind of joy. I don't know how to describe it, but it was there just the same and was immensely intense. I began to dance in my own way unto the Lord. (Anyone who knows me will tell you, I have no rhythm and very little grace in movement. So I know without a doubt the Lord was pushing my spirit ...LOL.) 
Intercession took over my soul and I saw several of God's daughters who are dear to my heart presented before me in the Spirit. Then I heard the Lord say this: "I am singing over you and I am singing over them today. I am lifting every weight, every burden, every trial! I AM SINGING over you. Today, my beloved daughters, I am singing your victory over every obstacle! I am singing MY LOVE over, in and around you! I am singing over you..."

This touched my heart in a way that I can't adequately articulate. It was a place, at least for me, of experiencing the Lord in a deeper, more intimate way. I was lost in this place of intercession and worship with Him... I personally experienced a great release in the realm of the spirit... and the FAITH to believe for each of the daughters He brought before me in prayer.

In this, Father is speaking to His daughters globally in this hour. He is calling us to rise up and rise above what our eyes see and into a deeper place of TRUST. He wants us to SEE OURSELVES the way HE sees us in the midst of great adoration and love. This place of hearing HIM SING.... was a place of immense... Cleansing and comfort... A place of intense joy and love... It was a SECURING comfort... and ROOTED JOY....

Zephaniah 3:14-17 CJB says, "14 Sing, daughter of Tziyon! Shout, Isra'el! Be glad and rejoice with all your heart, daughter of Yerushalayim! 15 ADONAI has removed the judgments against you, he has expelled your enemy; the king of Isra'el, ADONAI, is right there with you. You no longer need to fear that anything bad will happen. 16 On that day, it will be said to Yerushalayim, "Do not fear, Tziyon! don't let your hands droop down. 17 ADONAI your God is right there with you, as a mighty savior. He will rejoice over you and be glad, he will be silent in his love, he will shout over you with joy."

This word "SHOUT" means to sing, rejoice, sing aloud, shout, shout for joy, sing for joy, crieth, cry out and shout aloud. It is done with INTENSITY AND PASSION! It is a FOCUSED & CONCENTRATED cry. It is a command for awakening and revival... This isn't SINGING in our understanding.... but one of a heavenly magnitude! IT IS OUR GOD SINGING.... SINGING... CRYING OUT... SHOUTING.... OVER US! As Father sang, I saw broken and devastated walls HEALED AND RESTORED! I WAS IN A PLACE OF MIRACLES THIS MORNING... A PLACE OF SIGNS AND WONDERS!

It was like the wall that Nehemiah restored... Father was rebuilding them around His daughters! I knew immediately that those daughters I'd seen were in the midst of a REVIVAL FIRE... Daughters, IT MAY SEEM LIKE A DRY PLACE! But I tell you, it is THE WALK OF REVIVAL that we are standing in the midst of right now.

There is a special release that Father is pouring ON US in this hour! He is pouring it out THROUGH HIS SONG! Seek to hear him! Seek to listen! Seek to be visited in dreams and visions! Father is saying, "You are in the midst of a revival fire. YET, I sing over you. You have prayed and asked me to bring change and revival into your heart -- yet, you didn't expect it to come this way.... by FIRE, by TRIAL, by TEST. YET, you have sought me and stood... and I am SINGING OVER YOU. I AM SHOUTING over you... calling you into the FIRE. Calling you into a place unexplainable joy, a place of unexplainable comfort and safety, a place of deep trust unlike anything you've experienced before. Daughters.... dance in me..."

As Zephaniah prophesied in the scripture above, sometimes the Lord loves us IN SILENCE! He is watching OVER THE PROCESS! It's not that HE IS ABSENT... but that He is allowing that perfect work to be done. It is in this place of SILENT LOVE... that He is waiting to RISE UP... and SING OVER US! I pray today that you receive ALL that He desires to release into your spirit and your soul...

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