Theresa Harvard Johnson

Word of the Lord:

I heard Father say this this morning, "Beloved, it is time for my people to rely on ME to interpret their dreams. No more guessing! No more pondering symbols. In due season, I will reveal myself. Allow me to take away the places of frustration in the midst of your dream state. REST in me.... rest fully in me."

He is saying to you today, "Surrender your dream state to Him...."


The Prophetic Understanding

Father began to speak to me about how so many of His people have come to rely on symbolism through their interpretations. While this is a very important aspect of the dream realm, He is now thrusting the obedient dreamer into a place of prophecy -- a place where they will have the dream... and immediately enter into a place of prophecy concerning that dream.

Father is calling his dreamers into a place of "PRESSING" in the midst of the intercession. Some dreams that Father gives you will not unfold UNTIL the Lord is ready to reveal himself in the midst of them. This is His strategy, His timing...

This place of moving beyond symbolism.... is a place of fine tuning your hearing. It is a place of BRINGING YOUR EAR to the lips of Father. This is where He where he wants you to be .... in a place past reason or human understanding in your dream state.

For some, this will mean LAYING DOWN the books, shutting off the classes, moving beyond the many voices that can pollute your understanding and revelation.

Father is saying, "Repent, for relying solely on what you've been taught to interpret. Give your dream state back to Him. Surrender it to HIM."

I saw the people of God gathering their dream books, and laying them at the altar in prayer. They were asking Father for a fresh fire...

In Jesus Name.

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