Theresa Harvard Johnson

Released 3/24/2010

Prophetess Theresa Harvard Johnson
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Prophetic Insight BEFORE the Prophecy: Since the beginning of the year, the Lord has been speaking to my heart about "restoring the order of the scribes" to His Church. He began speaking concerning our position in His army and our call to scribal ministry – particularly as it relates to the ministry of the Apostle and the Prophet.

Immediately, Father took me to Numbers 11 . There, I began reading about the establishment of the first church council or administrative staff for the Kingdom. You see, the business of ministry had gotten to a point in which it was unbearable to Moses. Around Numbers 11:10 , this patriarch was so frustrated that he wanted to give up and die. He literally told the Lord, "I can't do this! You've got to help me or kill me!" After crying out to the Lord about the struggles of ministry, Father heard Moses and in Numbers 11:16 he said: "Bring me seventy of the leaders of Isra'el, people you recognize as leaders of the people and officers of theirs. Bring them to the tent of meeting, and have them stand there with you.


From Jewish historical documents and commentary, we learn that those seventy leaders consisted of priests, elders and scribes – equally distributed. That means that at least 23 to 24 of these leaders were scribes. These were not simply random people, but people who (1) operated in the order of and in submission to the church; (2) people who were mature enough to lead (meeting the qualifications of a leader); and (3) people who had been identified by and then blessed by the priest they were submitted to in ministry. I also want to point out that Father told Moses (1) to bring these people with him to the Tent of Meeting, and (2) have them stand with Him there. This place of standing is not just a natural posture of coming to stand beside someone. It is a David-Jonathan alliance of agreement at all costs.

There is so much revelation just in this short passage of scripture. If we had time to dig into this, I would talk with you about character, integrity, spiritual maturity, submission, ministry development, walking in agreement and all the breaking that goes forth just to get to this point. There is so much WISDOM and FRUIT here.


Scribes of the King, the righteous ministry of the scribe is for service to the CHURCH. While I cannot possibly teach on this in writing, I will address it at our next Prophetic School of the Scribe. You see, it is imperative that we understand that the PROPHETIC SCRIBE or the PROPHETIC WRITER is a temple scribe – meaning one who is called to serve within the congregations of God's people. In other words, if you are a prophetic writer then your service is in, through and out of the Church. THIS is going to be very hard for some to take.

For some of us, that means we are commanded to serve in the local church where we are planted in whatever area of scribal ministry is needed, assigned and/or required. For those with churches or maturing ministries that are operating in the body according to 1 Peter 4:10 -- it is to set order, impart and release under the new covenant based on the directives you've been given. But even then, make sure you have accountability and covering in your call.

How can I say this? Well, the ministry of the scribe was given birth to in the Kingdom specifically to "undergird" the administration of the local church – with a focus of relieving the burden of pastors. God has not changed. The Lord wants to expand the mind of the "prophetic scribe." We've been locked into thinking that scribes are just WRITERS. This couldn't be further from the truth. In The Scribal Anointing® and Scribal Purpose books, we discuss the three areas of scribal ministry in great detail. They are:



1. The Anointing of Administration (Numbers 11 ; 1 Corinthians 28 )

2. The Instructional Anointing (Ezra 7:11 ; Acts 5:34 )

3. The Creative Anointing (Psalm 45:1 ; 1 John 4:1 )


As scribes, we can't afford to stop there – we still have to dig. The administrative scribe served not only as a recorder, teacher, historian, archivist, recorder, interpreter of the law, advocate, judge, etc.; but they also served in the capacity of finances, accounting and bookkeeping. In The Scribal Anointing® we break these areas down.


You see, many prophetic writers have become these LONE RANGERS in the body. They have taken on the strongholds of Matthew 23 unaware. They walk CONSUMED in a "me-mentality" in which they target in on their own personal writing projects with no interest or concern for "how this fits" at a corporate level in the body. Even among the prophetic scribes, the administration of the ministry has become self-contained. Many prophetic writers get one revelation for a book, and they will drive their entire ministry singularly off of that "one" testimony – not understanding that they've only scratched the surface of what the Lord desires to do in and through them.

I've seen scribes LEAVE THEIR CHURCH, walking away from the covering in their ministries BECAUSE no one recognized their scribal gifts, talents or supported their book projects. Father is saying, "When are you going to submit to that church and find out what your scribal assignment is in that house? Perhaps you’re a note taker, a transcriber, a secretary or receptionist in your church?" These are scribal roles that are a blessing to the house of God. Are you an exhorter? Then guess what? Those words of exhortation are for the building up of the body --- and many times people in your local body. Scribes! The question and declaration of the hour is this.

Father, what would you have me to do to undergird your church where I am planted? Lord, give me a servants heart.

Many scribes are disconnected from Numbers 11:16 in every possible way imaginable. Writing this cannot even begin to convey the depth of what the Lord is revealing to VOC in this hour. If you look at most Christian authors today – they are operating like the WORLD with their scribal projects and ministries. They are making idols of what Father has placed in their hands. Deception is in their midst! Many like identity in Jesus! They've taken their cues on how to exist as a writer from the picture painted by the systems of this world instead of from the war room of intercession and prayer.

The First Part of the Prophetic Word is This: Father said to me, "PROPHET! Tell my people I am restoring the order of the scribe in my congregations in this hour! I am raising the Apostolic and the Prophetic Pen! I am raising the bar! I am bringing my scribe BACK into my chamber of apostolic-governmental order! PROPHET, Gather them! Command them to seek me! Many wait for me to speak to them. They wait for me to drop nuggets in their ear! But they are not in pursuit of my heart! I am now requiring them to INQUIRE AFTER ME! Enter into my chamber. Enter into my chamber." In Jesus Name


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