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FYI: Please read this in conjunction with Prophetess Karen Pina's post Apostles & Apostolic Ministry. Please understand that this post only scratches the surface of the revelation the Lord is releasing. At some point, Voices of Christ will have individual classes on the scribal pen of EACH FIVE-FOLD office. So far we've covered the "Scribal Prophet" in the mentoring group. Today, we are hitting the apostles (Heaven's emissaries).

What is the Apostles Pen?

The Apostle's Pen is a legislative pen in the Kingdom of God. Its SOLE purpose is to align the earth with the Kingdom of Heaven by signing off and pushing forward the plans of Heaven in the earth realm.

In a vision, I literally saw Apostles sitting at desks reviewing the legislation and ordinances of Heaven from a war room. They were sending paper work back for review and releasing authorizaton with other documents. I saw one Apostle in particular signing documents with a gold-tip dipping pen. If you know anything about calligraphy, then you will know that each stroke is calculated and timed. If you hold the pen in one position too long, you could have a blot on the page. If you move to swiftly the parchment could be torn or ripped by the sharp edge of pen.

Father showed me that these scribing apostles are leading and directing the saints in the earth in its number one mission: Preparing the earth for Jesus Christ's return.


Father talked to me about all the emphasis that is being placed on planting ministries, building leaders, training, equipping, etc. While doing these things is part of the apostle's mandate, we must never forget to consistently reiterate the purpose for our existence is in the earth.

The foundational apostles consistently reminded the people of the church's purpose (meaning function) in the earth and it's not ONLY to train and equip but to BRING IN A HARVEST. People don't LIKE THIS but the last thing our CHIEF APOSTLE said to us before ascending into heaven was to duplicate HIM in the earth. Our time on earth is a GRACE PERIOD. IT IS A GIFT AND IT GIVES NEW MEANING TO JOHN 3:16 .

Father said to me one day: "Beloved, do you understand what it means to be in debt?"

I laughed thinking of my student loans and said, "Yes Lord, of course I do. I'm still paying off debts owed as I talk with you now." There was some silence.

Then Father said to me, "This entire world was indebted to sin. But because of my great love, I sent my son Jesus to wipe out their debts. They are debt-free. But Beloved, I want you to see that the time between my son's return to me in Heaven and that of His return to earth is mankind's `GRACE' Period."


In other words, EVERY DAY that we are given to LIVE AND BREATH on earth is a time to EMBRACE the fact that we are "debt-free" and to accept the RANSOM that was given on our behalf. Religion and legalism will cause a saint to MISS THIS. Why? Because many born-again-believers cannot see this particular ascension gift – that of the APOSTLE -- from a point of GRACE. But if Jesus, our chief apostle, increased our grace and proved THE FATHER'S MERCY with His sacrifice – then how can we NOT see the APOSTOLIC OFFICE from that place.


Our point of existence in the ORDER OF THE NEW COVENANT CHURCH is really one of "HARVEST." It is one of placing the church of Jesus in a position to be EFFECTIVE in obtaining THIS HARVEST. It is one in which the GRACE of God must shine so brightly, that the HOPE OF CHRIST IS REVEALED in the midst of THE HARVEST. It is one in which EVERY BELIEVER must be strategically positioned with their assignment. When the APOSTLE'S PEN BEGIN BEGINS TO FLOW, this is what we will see: The complete alignment of things that are misaligned in Christ's church in the earth. Many APOSTLES (the emissaries of Heaven) are being awakened with a gold-tipped dipping pen in this season to LEGISLATE the church concerning the will of Heaven in the earth.


The Apostle's Pen is rising. It is a PEN of GRACE. Why? Well, grace is favor that we do not deserve. The TRUE APOSTLES are bringing the kind of alignment that -- when followed by the saints -- will shower them with grace, proof, evidence of governmental restructuring to bring order.


In terms of government in the earth, the APOSTLE'S power is even greater than that of a president, a king or a prime minister in the realm of the Spirit. Why? Because they are walking in the APOSTOLIC FOOTSTEPS of Yeshua the Messiah in the earth – commanding heads of states, reordering the executive branches of the Kingdom and PUSHING LEGISLATION on their knees and through apostolic teaching/preaching -- there is a DIFFERENCE.


In this season, those secrets will be revealed. You will not have to wonder if God has spoken from the WAR ROOM when you read what they've released – YOU WILL KNOW IT BY THE WITNESS OF YOUR SPIRIT & THE SIGNS IN THE EARTH. I heard Father say this so clearly, "I'm taking back my sanctuary!"

That pen that Ezekiel 9 speaks of is an APOSTOLIC PEN!


Read this chapter in its entirety for your job description APOSTLES. As you read this, please know that other scribes have an assignment in this area as well but it will be the APOSTOLIC PEN that guides them from their congregations, ministry affiliations, covenant relationships, and other spiritual encounters with the Lord.


One thing Father showed me was this: New alliances will begin to take place in the lives of those shifting into this arena so that TRUE agreement can be realized. In Jesus Name.

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