Theresa Harvard Johnson

The time is at hand for the revealing of Christian prophetic children's book writers. They will address mature Christian content that will destroy media influences for this rising generation. Read more below. Released through one of Father's Scribal Apostles, Theresa Harvard Johnson, Sept. 21, 2010.

Prophetic Insight Before the Word of the Lord:

For months now, the Lord has been speaking to my heart about His children – from those in the womb to those who are young adults. He said to me, “Beloved, you are standing in the midst of the most fatherless generation this nation (the United States of America) has ever known.” The abuse and neglect of our children has reached astronomical heights.

On September 30, 2008, there were 463,000 children in the Foster Care System in the United states, according to the latest statistics published by The Child Welfare Information Gateway. Of that number 24 percent were placed in relative homes; 47 percent were placed in nonfamily foster homes; 10 percent were placed in institutions; 4 percent in pre-adoptive homes; 2 percent ran away; 1 percent went into supervised assisted living, and 5 percent were on trial home visits. The average age of a child entering Foster Care is 7.3 years old.

As the Lord continued to speak, children ages 1 to 4 were illuminated before me. Father began to show me the great impact WE WILL HAVE by speaking into the lives of the “little ones” in this present season. You see, much of the focus on the church is centered around youth, teens and young adults which is good; however, there’s that “baby-toddler” group who is well able to hear and receive the voice of the Lord. I began having visions of the babes in my community who do not go to church, those participating in story time in daycare centers, at libraries during the summers or who are in the “childcare” areas of our church buildings while we praise and worship the Lord. It was in this place of meditation that Father began to speak about the impact some scribes will have in this arena.


I do not want anyone to think VOC is conspiracy focused; however, this truth must be released: There is a conscious effort on the part of the power of darkness to steal the minds of God’s people. What better way to do it than from the womb. From that point forward, our minds are bombarded by messages through the media and the educational system of this world if we are born to parents whom God does not know by name. Scribes of the King! Some of you are going to renew the minds of these little ones with the wisdom released through your pen. As they grow, they will remember our Father and His Word. You will have story-time and prayer with these children through what you write and release. While the Lord illuminated babes to me, it was clear that he was also speaking of the little children as well -- those over age 4.


Rest assured, the world system is ALREADY feeding them with all manner of perversion in the most subtle of ways. Coloring books, children’s books, toys, etc. are being released that teach these babies that same-sex-attraction is okay. It’s not going to happen – it is happening. This is very strategic on the part of the hell! Why? Because the adversary knows that when these children mature – without the light of the Lord – they will be politically compliant and morally accepting of anything placed before them.


Proverbs 22:6 says,Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”


The righteous must do its part. If not, we will see the out workings of 2 Kings 21:21-22 in a greater way. It says, “He walked in all the ways of his father; he worshiped the idols his father had worshiped, and bowed down to them. 22 He forsook the LORD, the God of his fathers, and did not walk in the way of the LORD.”


It is from this place of meditation and conversation with Father that this Word of the Lord came forth.


Word of the Lord for Children’s Book Writers


“It’s your time,” says the Lord. “I am raising you up with a boldness and an understanding to hear for the youngest and most innocent among us in this season. I am revealing the strategies of hell to you that have been set against them and giving you Heaven’s strategy in this specific area to tear them down.


"You will speak through coloring books, short stories, picture books, photography, picture poems and other means that I am giving you …all from a child’s heart and perspective that they may hear. Yes, they will hear says the Lord. You will address the sexual sin and the desensitization of perverse sin in witty ways that filter in through the media, says the Lord. My Bride-Groom will be made known to them CLEARLY though what you write. Surely, even the youngest among you will inquire of me and I will answer boldly.


"Just as the system of Baal has shown no mercy, I have not shown mercy toward the evil intents to defile their temples, corrupt their minds. BUT YOU who are called, says the Lord, your pen is a sword, a shield, a battle axe in this season that I am sending forth. I am stirring you! It is me stirring you! I am the one pulling you into this secret place, this secret chamber of strategy where battle plans are being revealed. Even now, some have heard and are hearing this cry and this call from the womb of Heaven.


"What is required? Your obedience says the Lord. Your pen will reverse brainwashing for those minds contaminated. Your pen will block lies presented as truth. Write the books! Develop the ideas for plays and stories by my spirit, says the Lord! Surely, I am raising an army to meet the need of the most neglected and vulnerable among you. Am I not the God of Justice and Righteousness? Will I go after one and leave another? Surely, I am with these, says the Lord.


"The QUIVER of this nation is full, says the Lord. I am raising your awareness of published works in your libraries, book stores, schools, grocery store shelves… and will open your eyes to truth. I am opening your ears to the sound of strategic intercession and prayer --- and you will pray with pin point accuracy into these areas, says the Lord. YOU will write prayers, release wisdom, educate and have great influence among THE LEAST OF THESE, says the Lord. Do not fear as I have gone before you.


"Your sword is mightier than the hosts of hell. Watch. Listen. Pray. Work my works, says the spirit of the Lord. I will even use your mouth to relay and release what I give you before these children of mine. As you walk with me, I will open doors that no man can close. I have given you an ear to HEAR into the deep recesses of my heart concerning the power of your pen…


"Arise! Arise! Arise," says the Lord. "I am awakening the pen of the Children’s Book writer in a new way. I am raising in you an awareness of the adversary's strategy against them and teaching you to enter the battle with truth. Yes, you will speak into the hearts of the littlest among us, addressing issues that are mature in nature but imparted with my wisdom! I am sending you out to reclaim the minds with the power of my son within you!


"I have promised to do a new thing! While many have counted you out, I have placed you in the very center of my fire, says the Lord. Listen as I speak! Prepare your hearts to receive the revelation that I am pouring forth! Your pens are as flames of fire from Heaven as you write under the fresh Scribal Anointing!"



In Jesus Name

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