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(Also review, the timing and seasons of Dreams & Visions)

Have you ever wondered why your book projects don't just take off? Or why you have this phenomenal flow of writing one day, and then weeks pass by before you ever write again? Well, in the world system people will say you have writer's block; but in the realm of the SPIRIT OF THE LORD, this meaning can be so much deeper.

This isn't a very long note, but I wanted to bring some things to your attention that you may want to consider when the Lord places books in your heart. We are not talking about any type of Christian writing, but "prophetic" writing.

Now, there are many here who are writing books and other things --- but not all of them are inspired by the Holy Spirit. This isn't necessarily negative, it just places your projects in focus. For example, some of the articles I wrote in the past were articles I was "hired" to write -- mostly author profiles, interviews and such. While I had the skill and know-how, I can honestly say they were not "inspired by God" -- but rather part of my job description.

When we talk about "prophetic writings," we are only speaking of those projects FROM HEAVEN that have been pulled down into our spirit for the purpose of earthly release to accomplish a Godly goal. The notes below are tailored for THESE types of writings. When people think "prophetic, they often think of the supernatural or something indepthy deep and spiritual. Well, we ARE talking about the supernatural... but the writings in and of themselves simply convey the will of God as already documented in His Word.

So, as you move forth in the things of God and find yourself getting frustrated; or not understanding what is going on inside you or with your project -- consider these points that I've mentioned below. YOU ARE a prophetic writer. So unlike other writers, your directions and instructions MUST come from the spirit.

Understanding the Timing & Season of Books

1. Just because you get a book idea from the Spirit of the Lord doesn't mean you will write that book today -- or even this year. Some books are lived, struggled through and paid for with blood, sweat and tears before they are finished -- just like some ministries. Why? Because not only are the books important; but the refinement of the vessel they are coming out of is needed as well. Many times, your maturity in the Lord must match up or catch up with the revelation released.

So don't be in a hurry for the whole book to come to you at once. While this can and does happen, the Lord will also allow us to write at different stages of our spiritual growth and maturity. (The teachers/leaders referenced in the word were not men or women on milk; but people of God who have matured in the faith, and have learned to be living epistles. The same requirements for leadership spill over into the leadership tools that are birth from within us.)

2. The Lord doesn't always answer when we want Him to or how we expect it. There will be times when we are seeking answers concerning our book projects and we hear NOTHING. Does this mean the Lord doesn't hear us? No. It means we must learn patience (and other fruit in the process), follow the steps he has already presented to us and wait on Him to lead us into the next phase. (You must keep pressing! Failing to continue will interrrup the process HE HAS started in you. The enemy usually tries to get in here to make your "seemingly none progress" seem like FAILURE to you. Don't be deceived. This isn't what is going on.) I generally see visions of my book covers before the book is completed; but lately, that hasn't happened. I was talking with one of my mentors, and she said to me: "I see heaven opened... and out of it is a brilliance of color and lightening...."

The more she spoke, the more the book bore witness with my spirit. That night, I SAW THE BOOK COVER. I created it based on my vision and sent it to her. It was exactly what she saw in the spirit. There were also some things the Lord wanted me to gleen from her wisdom. So just in sharing the vision of the book, I was able to complete some missing sections. What I am trying to say here is this: "If the Lord places mentors in your path who are assigned to you; sometimes your ANSWER is tied to them." Don't ignore what the Lord has already placed before you. If I had not shared this with her... I could have missed God. Never FAIL to utilize the mentors in your life. They wouldn't be there if the ANOINTING was not on their lives to lead and guide you in certain areas. I call certain mentors for CERTAIN THINGS.

3. Books inspired by the Spirit will often follow MOVES of God. By moves, I am simply referring to the things taking place in the spirit at particular times during our lifespan. I can remember times when all people were talking about was the "five-fold" ministry. Now, that the fire of God has been loosed and is rebuilding this ministry structure in the church ... the Spirit shifted to "understanding the prophetic." For quite some time, everywhere you turned people were organizing prophetic schools of ministry... and now, we've moved into a greater shifting of apostolic establishment.

Where we are in the move of God as a CORPORATE BODY that move will trigger the urgency to produce and release certain things from HEAVEN into earths atmosphere. These things help establish or propel that particular move of God into the hearts of men.

SO, I've said all this... to ENCOURAGE those of you who have been waiting for certain things to break forth in your literary ministries. When I talk to you about prayer and pressing into that quiet time with the Lord... this is one of the reasons why. We are all on different assignments to accomplish a single mission -- reconciliation. Because our assignments are different, we have to hear from heaven INDIVIDUALLY to access our instructions...

So stay encouraged AND IN PRAYER.... so that when He speaks.... His voice is not drowned out by all the other people, information and noise around you.

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